Alumni Update | Issue One 2015
Stephen Sze
Hong Kong Alumni Chapter’s new President

Stephen has a finance and engineering background and graduated with an MBA from UniSA in 2003. He gained his engineering qualifications at the University of Toronto and is a Chartered Financial Analyst and qualified accountant.

He is currently working as a Senior Investment Manager for China Everbright, an environmental energy business conglomerate with interests in project investment, engineering, manufacturing and technology development throughout China and in Germany. Stephen is responsible for formulating and implementing investment strategy and policy, and also portfolio management.
Stephen Sze
Stephen joined the Chapter as a member of the MBA Club Committee in 2008 and served as Chapter Vice President from 2011-2014. We asked Stephen to share some of the insights he has gained in that time.

  1. What changes have you seen in the Chapter since you joined?
    We have a number of dinner gatherings throughout the year – our flagship July Reunion Dinner has become one of the most popular events among overseas university alumni associations in Hong Kong. We had a group of alumni from mainland China attend the Reunion Dinner in 2014. Three interest groups – Doctoral Society, MBA Club and Bachelors’ Society – now organise events for their fellow members. More about the Hong Kong Chapter.

  2. As the new President, which direction are you hoping to take the Chapter in?
    Hong Kong needs to respond to the pressures of social and economic change. We will help our members to better meet these challenges, to fully develop their potential, to find their professional and personal footing in an ever-changing business and social environment by maintaining important personal, business and cultural links. We will offer more than just opportunities to socialize and stay in touch – we will provide real networks, personal and professional, to help our members in the challenging business and economic times. Our newly launched mobile App will also be a great help to recruit more new members and deliver more efficient communication.

  3. What do you enjoy about living and working in Hong Kong?
    Living in Hong Kong means enjoying sheer endless possibilities. Hong Kong offers great infrastructure, a vibrant nightlife, and limitless entertainment. It is absolutely an active place. Although it is famous for being a concrete jungle, there are a lot of green spaces and water sports options. I enjoy outings at the untouched hills for stunning hikes with sweeping views, utterly devoid of skyscrapers. I also appreciate the huge variety of restaurants and bars; there’s always something new to try. I can buy my favourite groceries from any country in the world, as larger supermarkets stock them all. We have a thriving business world and a competitive job market here.

  5. What networking advice do you have for new graduates returning to Hong Kong?
    Joining an alumni association is definitely a good move, and try to volunteer if you can – you will have a perfect excuse to chat with event organizers and guests. It might not turn into an immediate business or job opportunity, but you've made a contact that could come in handy down the road. If you're attending a networking event, you don't have to put pressure on yourself to meet a lot of people. One quality conversation is more beneficial than 20 superficial ones. Find someone who knows everyone and ask them to connect you with whoever you want to meet – the person you're being introduced to will see you in a different light. A follow-up is also important; don't just send a generic ‘nice to meet you’ e-mail, dig up something that's useful to them and make a lasting impression in the process. And if you get a response, offer to meet up with them for coffee. Also remember your potential employer or business partner will do due diligence on social media.
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