Business Alumni Update | Issue two 2015
David Wilson

Minute With a Mentor

David Wilson

Managing Director
Nuage Software Pty Ltd

Mentor since 2014

David is a practical, down-to-earth manager with a sense of humour and a desire to help. He has had a varied career path starting as an electrician with Simpson Pope before moving into sales and marketing, and sales management with Hoover, Ensign and Anitech, and then moving to the General Manager SA role at Skilled. Over the twelve years with Skilled, David grew the business from $5M to $65M and moved the SA operations into self-insurance for workers' compensation.

David also spent over three years as General Manager SA for Kone Elevators tasked with the assignment to move the culture from an engineering focus to a customer service focus. During this time, David became acquainted with Expr3ss! online recruitment software and eventually licensed the product under the brand name RecruitPack and set up Nuage Software to market the service.

David completed his MBA with UniSA in 2007.

We asked David, if he had one piece of advice for alumni what would it be?

“Believe in yourself, set goals and actively visualise achieving those goals. In my early career I used meditation and visualisation techniques to virtually experience, in vivid detail, achieving my goals - what it would be like, how I would act, how I would feel, how others would react, what car I would drive, my clothes etc. etc. Making it as real as possible preconditions the mind to take advantage of every opportunity, many of which would otherwise just pass you by unnoticed. However, retain an air of humility, because you always have lots more to learn.”

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