Business Alumni Update | 2015
Troy Williams

Minute With a Mentor

Troy Williams

Professional Non-Executive Director,
Corporate Governance Consultant and Corporate Accountant

Mentor since 2014

Troy is an internationally chartered Governance professional who has worked across Australia for over twenty years assisting ASX listed, NFP and Private companies in a variety of roles including: governance consultant, management consultant, executive sales director and corporate accountant.

He currently serves at: Aboriginal Family Law Services; WA State Council, Governance Institute of Australia Ltd; Microboard Member Institute of Public Accountants assisting Hotham River Nyoongar Aboriginal Corporation; and WA Chapter at Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

Troy's role supports the ethical conduct of business, governance, compliance and risk oversight to each and every business, regardless of size. His extensive industry wide experience is further demonstrated having been the recipient of national awards in: management, sales, training and academic achievement.

We asked Troy, if he had one piece of advice for alumni what would it be?

“A key to advancing in your chosen career is to align yourself professionally with wise mentors from the start. Seek out those who have the knowledge and professional contacts and are willing to teach you the skills needed in your chosen profession and demonstrate an interest in your advancement. To do this effectively you must network throughout your career and at all times be a good listener.

Be kind and thoughtful to your colleagues and show respect to all stakeholders. Do not confuse being popular at work with being respected and trusted; and at all times seek to be of service to the community you chose to live and work in.

Ultimately life is about the choices we make so take time to make them. Never fear failure; persevere and keep striving to move forward.”

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