Business Alumni Update | 2015
Abbie Allen

Minute With a Mentor

Abbie Allen

Founder and Personal Concierge,
Lifestyle Elements

Mentor since 2015

Abbie founded Lifestyle Elements Concierge Service in 2004 at the age of 23. She is passionate about growing Lifestyle Elements to give Australians more time to live the life they truly want.

Abbie is enthusiastic about contributing her skills and experience directly to the personal concierge industry through involvement in industry associations, as well as having recently launched her own online personal concierge community. She feels particularly strongly about giving new graduates opportunities to enter the workforce in their field of study, which she personally found challenging after graduating.

We asked Abbie, if she had one piece of advice for alumni what would it be?

You may have a very clear vision of where you want your career path to take you. You may not. Either way, it is guaranteed that you will end up on a journey that you can in no way anticipate. Be prepared to see and grab opportunities as they come up. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and believe in the people who encourage you to do something you don’t think you’re ready for. The secret I am only just beginning to embrace is that your biggest breakthroughs come when you say yes to something you don’t feel ready for. The most successful people almost always don’t feel ready, but they do it anyway.

The most successful people almost always don’t feel ready, but they do it anyway. As an entrepreneur, I believe in taking an entrepreneurial spirit into any work you do, even when not running your own business. Coming up with new ideas and making suggestions to improve aspects of your work and workplace are a great way to demonstrate your commitment to your organisation. Being willing to try new things and to learn from people from a wide variety of industries or with diverse experiences will greatly enhance your career. You never know where these ideas may take you!

Believe in yourself, work hard, enjoy life outside of work, and bring your passion with you in all that you do.

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