Business Alumni Update | 2015
Fernando Hernandez

Minute With a Mentor

Fernando Hernandez

Marketing Manager
Terrain Group

Mentor since 2015

Fernando offers in-house, outsourced and freelance marketing and design consultancy services. At the moment, he is working for companies in South Australia and the USA. Trained to visualise circumstances from different angles seeking innovative solutions to common and new challenges, Fernando is able to easily synthesise complex issues.

As an academic, he embraces opportunities to transfer his knowledge and experience to others. Fernando has an integrator approach, working in teams and creating synergy towards common benefits is a constant goal.

As well as having extensive Marketing experience, Fernando has degrees in Design and Business. At the moment he is an MBA candidate at the University of South Australia (UniSA) and volunteers as part of the Business Career Mentor Program.

We asked Fernando, if he had one piece of advice for alumni what would it be?

“It's all about long term relationships.

Ever-since I started my career the most important thing I've learned is that business relies on relationships and the way you relate to people as a supplier and as a customer. Being able to relate to people that allow the existence of your business, having good communication and social skills with a broad range of personalities and roles is vital for your business survival and permanence in time.

This is why you have to be open to different personalities, cultural backgrounds, personal preferences and styles, the closer you seem to be, the easier is to relate to you and to do business with you, the higher the chances for you to succeed in different scenarios, markets and environments.

This means you need to have a bit of knowledge about who you are relating to, the things you say can get you closer or push you away from your customer. Be careful, be honest and genuine, learn about everything you can from every kind of person, culture, and history and have an open mind.”

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