Glenn Davis

Senior Healthcare Executive, San Francisco Bay Area, USA

Associate Diploma in Radiological Technology, (Radiography)

Glenn with his wife Sylvia Matthes

Among the thousands of alumni who have reconnected with UniSA during our three month Boarding Call competition is global marketing executive Glenn Davis. His successful career in healthcare has taken him around the world to the USA. where he's a senior executive in the Bay area with a start-up. In 2014 he was Vice President of Sales with Ekso Bionics, a medical device company that has pioneered the field of robotic exoskeletons to augment human strength, endurance and mobility.

Glenn gained his first qualification at UniSA – an Associate Diploma in Radiological Technology in 1986 - before moving to Melbourne to undertake further study and a position in sales at ultrasound company Acuson. He moved on to become their European sales manager in London before joining international healthcare giant Siemens as their Asia Pacific Marketing Manager based in Singapore. His stellar career with Siemens took him to Japan and the USA where he went on to become the Global Vice President, Worldwide Marketing in the Ultrasound Division for this US$700 million company.

You have had a very impressive career in medical devices - ultrasound in particular - with the global giant Siemens. What career achievements do you feel most proud of?

The greatest satisfaction in medical technology is seeing it being used in the clinical environment with patients, to make a difference in their lives. I am very proud of the work in interventional ultrasound with tissue strain imaging; that has the potential to reduce patient biopsies. Having five daughters, I also feel very strongly about improvements in women’s health and feel very proud of the education campaign related to dense breast education.

Glenn worked for international healthcare giant Siemens from 2001 until early 2014. While working as Vice President, Worldwide Marketing in their Ultrasound Division Glenn was responsible for the Breast Density Behind-the-Scenes Video, which won four prestigious USA marketing awards.

You moved from marketing imaging devices to a company pioneering robotic exoskeletons. What excites you about the work Ekso Bionics is doing?

Every day we see and hear news on the topic of wearable medical devices. Until recently robotic exoskeletons have been more science fiction than fact. Today across Europe and the USA, exoskeletons are being used for gait training in the rehabilitation of stroke patients and spinal cord injuries. Robotics and medicine is growing at an unprecedented rate, with universities playing a key role in the development of technologies. When you see an individual walking for the first time since their injury or neurological event, it certainly makes me feel proud of what technology is capable of.

What’s next for 2015?

After working for a multinational across the globe and an exciting medical start-up, I have decided, together with another entrepreneur, to start our own medical device company based in the Bay area. We are still at a very early stage, but hope to achieve A-series funding over the next few months.

Who or what from your experience at UniSA still stays with you today?

My experience at UniSA can be summarized as providing me with the skills necessary to achieve employment straight after graduation and understanding that adaptability is a key for future success. I really enjoyed the diversity of the campus in the city, together with the partnerships the University established with local employers.

What is your advice to a graduate thinking about a career in medical technology today?

Medical technology is still a growth industry with significant investments being made by both start-ups and large multinationals. Disruptive technology and in particular the convergence of medicine, biotech and portable devices will bring exciting changes to people’s lifestyles and quality of life.

I see you are interested in Italian motorcycles. Which one do you own and where has it taken you?

I must profess to having a love of two wheels, both bicycles and motorcycles. My grandfather used to own a combined bicycle/motorcycle shop, and my mother used to take me to primary school on the back of a motorcycle. I currently have a DUCATI café racer, and two race bikes, having ridden in Asia and Europe. Both my wife and I love cycling, riding in the Berkeley hills three to four times per week. I am pleased to see UniSA contributing to the community through sponsorship of the Tour Down Under, the race where my wife and I first met each other.

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