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Research Integrity Advisers

Research Integrity Advisers promote the responsible conduct of research and contribute to the development and promotion of a University wide culture of research ethics and integrity. They act as a first point of contact within Divisions for staff and higher degree by research (HDR) students who may have queries concerning the responsible conduct of research, and the University's policies for reporting of misconduct.

Staff and HDR students are able to put questions about research integrity issues to any of the RIAs even if these are outside their own division. Although they can advise on the guidelines, policies and processes across the University, RIAs will not be involved in the investigation of an allegation of research misconduct, nor will RIAs attempt to resolve or investigate a research dispute or make any determination of a matter bought to their attention.

The role and responsibilities of Research Integrity Advisors are outlined here

Further information can be found at obtained from

Dr Greg Pike
Manager: Research Ethics and Integrity
Research and Innovation Services

Current Research Integrity Advisors (RIAs) for the University: