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learnonline Release Schedule

15 January 2015 - Moodle 2.7 Release

Login page

A new login page has been introduced with feature including:

Under the covers

A large number of changes have been made "under the covers" in Moodle version 2.7 to enhance functionality and data collection capabilities. This is important because underlying infrastructure changes are the most significant since Moodle 1.9 and will be supported by Moodle Headquarters for the next three years. The user experience changing from Moodle 2.6 to 2.7 will not be significant as it was when UniSA changed from version 1.9 to version 2 and users won't notice a great difference in the way that course sites are edited or assignments marked.

Editing icons

The Moodle editing interface has been streamlined by consolidating the functional icons into a drop-down list rather than displaying all options on the page at once.

Cover sheet with bulk assignment download

Users will have the option to include a system generated coversheet in bulk download of assignments. Naming the downloaded files with the student ID or username will be optional.

Assessment enhancement

Referencing link

A link to the Referencing website has been included in the Course Essentials block.

Publisher resources integrated with Moodle

25 September 2014 

Emphasise "denied" extension status

Denied extension requests displayed in the student's current extension request view are now emphasised in the status column with red, bold text.

New fields in course participation report

Username and student ID fields have been added to the course participation report.

Colour coding for lesson submissions marking status

Essay submissions for a lesson activity are now colour coded to easily identify those that still require marking. Red = to be marked, Green = marked.

Forum netiquette link in course essentials block

A link to a new resource on forum netiquette has been added to the Moodle course essentials block.

10 July 2014 

Apply zero

Course Coordinators will be able to edit grades individually on the Grades page and apply zero as required. This will be particularly useful for application to activities such as quiz where students don't complete all the required activities. Applying zero ensures that students are graded on all the required quiz activities rather than only those attempted. The ability to apply zero in bulk to selected activities is currently being developed for future release.

Bulk assignment download

Assignments and associated cover sheets can be downloaded from Moodle in bulk.

Document Services bulk assignments

Assignments and associated cover sheets can be sent to Document Services in bulk.

Course Essentials block

Links in the Course Essentials block have been grouped in a more logical order.

Grader Report name change

The Grader Report link has been changed to Grades to align with Moodle 2.6 nomenclature. This change has been made for all users in the Course Essentials block. For students, the User Report has been titled grades to give it the same title as the link.

Turnitin score sorting

Academic Integrity officers requested functionality to sort assignments by similarity score. Due to Turnitin integration, this could not be achieved in the current assignment marking screen however, a new screen has been created to facilitate assignment ordering by similarity score. Functionality is also available to Course Coordinators, Instructors and Course Administrators.

myHome page performance

Functionality has been improved on the Moodle myHome page by adding a course filter to reduce the number of courses that display. This will benefit Course Coordinators and Administrators who manage large numbers of courses.

Visibility of unpublished marks

Marks that have not been published to students can now be viewed in the Grader Report. This will assist with moderation prior to releasing publishing grades to students.

Daily Digest email

Moodle users will now receive a Daily Digest email listing all forum postings for the day rather than an email each time a forum is updated. Although Daily Digest is now the default, users can change this if required.

Switch role to student

Refinements have been made to the Switch Role functionality to allow Course Coordinators to emulate students in a specific offering.

Pearson integration

Pearson Direct is now integrated with Moodle which links directly to Pearson learning resources for specific courses.

Assignment extensions

Currently if an assessment has been set to allows submissions after the due date/time, students who have an extension are prevented from submitting after their extension date/time has passed. This has been rectified so that they will be able to submit, giving them the same capabilities that students without extensions have. The late submission details in the grading table will take into account the extension due date/time. 

Assignment late submission date display

The late submission details in the grading table will take into account the extension due date/time.

Grid format icon creator

An application has been developed that provides an easy to use interface for creating icons that can be used in the Moodle grid format.



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