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AUQA audits of UniSA

About AUQA

The Australian Universities Quality Agency (AUQA) is the principal national quality assurance agency in higher education, with responsibility for quality audits of higher education institutions and accreditation authorities, reporting on performance and outcomes, assisting in quality enhancement, advising on quality assurance; and liaising internationally with quality agencies in other jurisdictions, for the benefit of Australian higher education.

AUQA quality audits of self-accrediting institutions are held approximately once every five years and are based on both a self-assessment and a site visit. AUQA makes use of panels of experts with substantial senior academic and administrative experience in higher education (in Australia and abroad) to undertake the audits.

2009 AUQA audit

AUQA's second audit of UniSA examined the University's current context and outcomes achieved since the 2004 audit, and investigated two theme areas in depth:

  1. Internationalisation
  2. Building workforce capacity to improve teaching and learning and enhance research performance

2004 AUQA audit

UniSA was first audited by AUQA in early 2004. The first audit had a whole of university scope considering and reviewing UniSA’s procedures to monitor and achieve all of its objectives.

Further AUQA resources

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