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Group work

A graduate from the University of South Australia can work autonomously and collaboratively as a professional (graduate quality 4). A teaching and learning arrangement that can help develop many graduate qualities, including graduate quality 4, is group work. This web page brings together internal and external resources on group work for staff .

University of South Australia group work resources

This section brings together relevant University group work resources which may be helpful in developing your own teaching,  learning and assessment practices.

Tutoring @ UniSA

This 3 hour workshop and web site are particularly for academic staff who facilitate tutorials. Staff can register for upcoming workshops online. The web site contains resources and UniSA discussion groups to provide ongoing support  to UniSA tutors.

Working collaboratively - a learning object for teaching and learning about group work

This web site provides learning and teaching support for working collaboratively. It uses a simple and proven model for supporting learning about the dynamics of successful collaboration and provides strategies for addressing problems with group dynamics. Students can explore the model of effective collaboration using images, text and animations. In addition, students are encouraged to self assess their understanding as they progress. Scenarios are included that allow students to practice their collaboration skills.

A section within the website that is available to both staff and students describes options for authentic assessment of group collaboration. It includes strategies for assessing the process of group collaboration using this model. Embedded within the website is support for students to record their collaborative skill development using UniSA's electronic portfolio, UniSA Career Hub.

Supporting materials for students on group work

Resources are available online via the L3 student resources hub.


Additional group work resources

This section brings together relevant group work resources from sources external to the University.

CSHE - Assessing group work

The Centre for the Study of Higher Education have produced a resource called Assessing learning in Australian University where they provide 5 practical assessment guides, including one on Assessing group work. In particular there are multiple tables that look at the advantages and disadvantages of different group assessment options.

Assessing group practice in the performing arts

This website focuses on different approaches to developing and assessing group practice in higher education resulting from a 4 year research project entitled Assessing Group Practice by a consortium of 6 higher education institutions in the United Kingdom. The project aimed to ensure that assessment of collaborative activity within the performing arts can be demonstrated to be fair, robust and practicable across the sector. Some key questions which prompted the team's research included:

The University of Technology, Sydney

The Institute for interactive media and learning at the University of Technology Sydney, have developed a web site called Enhancing experiences of group work which contains multiple units looking at group work  including; designing group assignments, preparing students for group work, forming effective groups, getting groups started, monitoring groups, assessing groups, and helping students reflect on their group experience. The resource section of this web site contains exercises, templates, readings and different ice-breaking activities that can be used in group work.

UTS is also the place where you can trial an online group work assessment program called the Self and Peer Assessment Resource Kit (SPARK)

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