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Practice-based learning


The University of South Australia distinguishes itself from other universities on the basis of the types of programs and graduates it provides. In a transparent way our programs are linked to professional outcomes and are designed to meet defined industry and community needs for skilled professionals.

To maintain this authenticity within our programs and provide industry and the community the graduates it needs, UniSA utilises practice-based learning. Practice-based learning is about making the learning environment as realistic as possible and requires students to demonstrate what they know linking theory and practice. This is the central means by which the students of the University of South Australia Experience. The difference. 


What is practice-based learning?

Practice based learning at the University of South Australia is a type of experiential learning - a key strategy for engaging students in their learning. Practice-based learning has several distinct forms, including but not limited to; 


Indicators of practice-based learning:


Further resources

A literature review of learning in the workplace by Shay Keating at Victoria University is available.

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