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Summative Peer Review

Peer review is a valuable feature of academic culture that facilitates and encourages improvement in practice. With regard to peer review of teaching, UniSA has well developed and established forms of informal formative peer review processes embedded across the institution. These processes generally involve informal teaching observations as evidenced by Divisional initiatives such as the Peer Partnerships program currently offered in the Divisions of Education, Arts and Social Sciences (EASS) and Health Sciences (HSC) as well as those incorporated in local activities such as team teaching, course review, moderation of marking, mentoring, preview of teaching materials, double marking and the review of feedback to students.

Summative peer review of teaching

Formal summative peer review is concerned with the evaluation of an academic staff member's teaching for professional development purposes, probation or promotion processes. It is only one aspect available to staff when considering the full suite of data available to evidence quality teaching practices. For example, the formal peer review process should be supplemented with course evaluations, student evaluations, assessment profiles, or learning analytics, etc.

Why have summative peer review of teaching?

The Summative Peer Review of Teaching strategy provides reviewees with evidence about their teaching to supplement already available data from student and course evaluations, learning analytics, pass/fail rates, retention figures etc. which together will inform decision-making activities such as probation, promotion and performance improvement.

Who is the target audience?

What is the process for summative peer review?

The summative peer review of teaching process involves the following phases:

Each of these stages is facilitated by the Summative Peer Review of Teaching (SPRT) software.

How do you get involved?

Your first step is a discussion with your Head of School who will then initiate the process.

What resources are available?

Peer reviewee workshops

Peer reviewees can register to participate in a 1.5 hour workshop to prepare for summative peer review of their teaching. Workshops will be held on each campus.

Online resources

The following resources inform and support the summative peer review of teaching process:



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