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Benchmarking is a tool for improving performance. In learning and teaching benchmarking is an evidence-based process that encourages comparisons with other institutions to enhance good practice. The process of benchmarking involves:  

Comparisons may be made against:



The University aspires to be in the top quintile of Australian universities by 2020 (Horizon 2020). In order to achieve this aspiration we need to be able to know that what we do is effective, be able to learn from others and adapt best practices.  

Benchmarking at the University of South Australia, occurs in the context of program evaluation, it involves making considered comparisons of key aspects of program performance to inform improvement activity or affirm excellence. Systematic benchmarking with other tertiary institutions is central to the program review process. Benchmarking does not simply mean comparison with other similar programs but should seek to lead to significant improvements in performance and to distinguishing UniSA and its programs. Benchmarking against other programs from South Australian, ATN or other universities which you have identified may include: 


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Further assistance with benchmarking is available from your:


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