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Australian Graduate Survey

The Australian Graduate Survey (AGS) is an annual national survey of graduates who have recently completed an award program in Australian higher education institutions. The survey consists of two parts, the Course Experience Questionnaire (CEQ) and the Graduate Destinations Survey (GDS). The CEQ asks graduates to reflect on their experience of the recently completed program while the GDS asks graduates about their work, study and job seeking activities after completing their program. Graduates who complete the requirements for a higher degree by research receive the Postgraduate Research Experience Questionnaire (PREQ).  

Graduate Careers Australia (a national body representing employers, universities and government) manages the administration of the AGS. Each university controls the distribution of the surveys to its graduates, while Graduate Careers Australia analyses and reports the results of the AGS (both CEQ and GDS) for all higher education institutions, to the Federal Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR).  

Course Experience Questionnaire (CEQ)

This component of the Australian Graduate Survey (AGS) collects information regarding graduates' opinions of their program. Respondents are asked to express their level of agreement or disagreement to a range of statements (items) using a five-point Likert scale.  

Participating institutions collect CEQ data on three 'core' scales (Good Teaching, Generic Skills and Overall Satisfaction) plus optional scales of their choice.    

Using Graduate Feedback to Improve Course Quality

Planning and Institutional Performance (PIP) uses the data collected in the AGS in the A35A Program Review Data, to support the Business Case Review Report (BCRR); the Evaluation and Re-accreditation Review Report (ERRR) and the assessment of program viability and quality (including transnational programs). The Good Universities Guide uses the data as part of their process for determining the ratings of national universities.  

CEQuery Software

CEQuery is a software package that allows for detailed and systematic analysis of the comments collected in the Course Experience Questionnaire each year by universities. The software is used to explore and analyse key themes raised by graduates. The CEQuery trend cube is available in the Graduate Evaluations folder on the BI Hub.    


Graduate Destinations Survey (GDS)

The Graduate Destinations Survey (GDS) collects information on the employment destinations of graduates of the University and provides a snapshot of possible employment outcomes approximately three months after they have graduated from a program.  Information about employment, further study statistics, lists of occupations, employers, and an annual salary range of recent UniSA graduates are summarised by program.  

The data which is stored in a national database quantifies graduate employment outcomes for the University, is used in the A35A Program Review Data and also informs the development of career management skills within programs.  

GDS reports by program are available in the Graduate Evaluations folder on the BI Hub.  


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