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Offshore teaching

Offshore teaching (also widely referred to as transnational teaching) involves the delivery of UniSA programs in offshore locations. Australian-based UniSA academic and professional staff work together with lecturers, coordinators, tutors, and professional staff from partner organisations to offer this mode of delivery.

Information about a UniSA led and completed ALTC priority project on offshore assessment moderation can be found on the Moderation for Fair Assessment in Transnational Learning and Teaching web page. The web page also provides a link to an online toolkit that is constructed from the project's findings.

The teaching and learning resources available from this and other web pages with a offshore education focus have been developed to support the professional development needs of all teachers working in UniSA offshore programs.

These resources were developed in consultation with experienced academics and are based on research conducted through an Australian Educational International (AEI) funded project into academic and professional development needs in offshore education.

In 2005 the Australian Vice-Chancellors' Committee (AVCC) were commissioned by AEI to administer a series of research projects into quality practice in offshore education. UniSA was awarded funding to research the professional development needs of offshore teachers. Our resources are guided by that research.

Download the full report: A Professional Development Framework for Academic Staff Teaching Australian Programs Offshore (PDF 852kb, opens in a new window)

Please direct any enquiries about beginning offshore teaching to the Academic Developer on your campus.

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