Alumni Update | Issue Six 2014

Postcard from Brazil

Célio Marques, former exchange student at UniSA

Célio Marques
Célio Marques

Lives: Catalão, Brazil, a city of 90,000 people in the central region of the country. Main industries are agriculture and mining. Local employers include Mitsubishi, John Deere, Vale and Anglo American.
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Works: Metallurgist, Anglo American Brasil Ltda. Minerals produced include Phosphate and Niobium.

Connection with UniSA: In 2010 I was an exchange student at Ian Wark Research Institute at University of South Australia and worked on a BHP project to study the gold mineralogy of Olympic Dam tailings. I have a Bachelor of Mining and Minerals Processing Engineering from the University of São Paulo.

What’s the best thing about living in Catalão? The good restaurants and the security.

What is your favourite local food? The typical food of the region is a fruit called Pequi, usually eaten with rice and chicken.

What is your favourite weekend escape? Here, it´s very common to spend the weekends in a city nearby called Caldas Novas. It´s a place for tourists with natural hot water springs, good hotels and water parks.

Are you getting into the mood of the World Cup? As a good Brazilian I love soccer and play it every week. I am really excited about the World Cup, watching as many games as possible. Right now, while I am writing, I am watching Iran against Nigeria.

Will you be attending any of the games? No, unfortunately there were too many people bidding for tickets and I wasn´t lucky.

What’s the atmosphere like? It´s awesome. Brazilians and visitors are creating an amazing event here and we are very optimistic about our team winning for the sixth time!

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