Alumni Update | Issue Two 2014

Fulbright scholarship for Pharmacy and
MBA graduate Suzanne Schultz

Off to US to research collaborative development of new antibiotics

Suzanne Schultz
Despite of a global rise in multi-drug resistant bacteria, the approval of new antibiotics has dropped alarmingly, as has the number of large pharmaceutical companies conducting antibiotic research. To encourage investment in new antibiotic development, a range of business and payment options have been proposed, but the differing perspectives of policy makers, governments and funding bodies mean effective, tested approaches to collaboration are needed.

Through interviews with national and international leaders and decision makers in regulation, payment, research and funding, School of Pharmacy and Medical Science PhD candidate Suzanne Schultz is setting out to find practical ideas and models to encourage collaborative development of new antibiotics.
Suzanne’s research has just seen her awarded a Fulbright Postgraduate Scholarship, (available to Australian PhD students to undertake an American higher degree), which will take her to the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

At Harvard, Suzanne will work with Dr Suerie Moon, MPA, PhD, whose focus is on global governance, the evolution of international regimes, the political economy of global health, and innovative policies for addressing global problems. Dr Moon has worked with the European consortium involved in developing business models to address antibiotic resistance.

As the largest clinical market for pharmaceutical drugs, and a key regulatory environment, the US offers unparalleled expertise and networking opportunities.

“Contrasting and comparing the business models and ideas in facilitating antibiotic development with approaches in Europe and Australia will open new opportunities to work differently,” Suzanne says.

“South Australian researchers have already contributed significantly to redeveloping older antibiotics, best use of existing antibiotics, and policy in quality use of medicines. My project will make a further contribution to this important work.”

Suzanne says her time at Harvard will also offer the opportunity to access extensive library resources, attend lectures by Nobel Laureate professors, and receive support for academic rigour and good research methodology.

Suzanne has a few tips for future Fulbright Postgraduate Scholarship applicants.

“A Fulbright Scholarship is focused on cultural exchange, learning and goodwill between Australia and the US. A strong application is clear, succinct and outlines the benefits of the research project and time spent in the US for Australia, South Australia and the United States.”

“The research centres within UniSA can provide great support, encouragement and feedback during the application development process.”

“The application is less academic and more about creating a compelling vision of what will made be possible through the scholar’s project and experience.”

Suzanne’s PhD supervisors are Professor Allan Evans, Provost and Chief Academic Officer at UniSA, Emeritus Professor Mary Barton, and Dr Craig Rayner, CEO d3 Medicines.

Suzanne Schultz and Sadie Heckenberg from the David Unaipon College of Indigenous Education are the two University of South Australia research students awarded Fulbright scholarships this year. Find out more about research degrees at UniSA in the latest issue of Research Edge.

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