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Viral Marketing: The Science of Sharing

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Karen Nelson-Field
Ehrenberg-Bass Institute Senior Research Associate, Dr Karen Nelson-Field has written a new book Viral Marketing: the science of sharing. Moving beyond the typical ‘how to get shared book’, this exciting new publication has the global marketing community talking.

It would be nice to believe that viral success is as easy as being sneezed on. Those who spend a marketing dollar relish the possibility that the brave new world has brought brave new rules and the tantalising potential for a free ride. After applying scientific method and rigorous research to the topic Dr Nelson-Field says, “Wake up and smell the well-branded coffee.”
Using original research from more than 2 years of work, 5 different data sets, around 1000 videos, 9 individual studies and a large team of researchers from the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science, Viral Marketing offers solid advice on the nebulous business of video sharing. Dr Nelson-Field reports new knowledge on sharing, memory and the influence of creative devices.

Viral Marketing suggests that contrary to current trends, the old scientific laws of buyer behaviour and advertising still apply to social media. Marketers who have read How Brands Grow by Professor Byron Sharp, will find the key research that underpins this new work familiar. Dr Nelson-Field’s research builds on the science behind brands and buying.

A must read book that may just save you some time, money and credibility.
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Viral Marketing: The Science of Sharing

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