Business Alumni Update | 2015

Catch up with Dr Ian Gould as he finishes as Chancellor of UniSA

Dr Ian Gould commenced as Chancellor of the University of South Australia on 1 July 2008. A geologist by profession, Dr Gould has forty years’ experience in the minerals industry in diverse and senior positions. He is a professional with long experience in governance and leadership, and a comprehensive understanding of the nexus between education, innovation, the community and business.

This will be his last year as Chancellor of the University of South Australia, before he hands the baton to his successor, Jim McDowell, who will take office in 2016. However his close relationship with the university will continue as an avid donor and mentor. We asked Dr Ian Gould about his favourite memories during his time as Chancellor and his advice to our alumni.

What are your favourite memories from your time as the Chancellor of UniSA?

The graduation ceremonies are my favourites, with so many proud and happy people celebrating a true milestone.

You have travelled and met with our alumni all over the world, what do you think sets UniSA graduates apart from other universities?

They become confident and competent young professionals, who do not think they know it all and are keen to learn and apply more.

Where is your favourite place that you have travelled to and why?

There is not really one favourite place. It is more about the people rather than the geography. All the alumni events in Asia are good fun.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your active participation with the Chancellor’s Club and for meeting with the university’s donors. Why do you think someone should donate to UniSA over other non-for-profit organisations?

Donations are a very personal preference and priorities change with time and circumstances. Donations to UniSA causes and programs are well directed and administered and are aimed at social and technological benefits that endure, more than provide temporary relief. I believe that helping people into the ranks of professionals is a very effective application of funds.

You established the Gould Experimental Science Grant. Why?

My wife Christine and I both believe that the experiment is still the basis of good science and that application of rigorous scientific method is vital when conviction and assumption based research is becoming perhaps overly pervasive.

What would you say to people considering donating to scholarships?

When deciding on a scholarship to provide, focus on something that you really care about, preferably where you can leverage your contribution and in an area that is not already heavily supported and fashionable.

What is your advice for graduates of UniSA?

Take and also create your opportunities and be willing to become involved in new and unfamiliar areas of learning and culture and geography. Differentiate yourself favourably from the crowd and a "can do" attitude is a good way to start.

How will you be celebrating the festive season?

All our children and grandchildren live in different locations from us and from each other, so the festive season is an opportunity to get together. We have much to be thankful for and to celebrate.

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