Business Alumni Update | 2015
Adam Giordano

Minute With a Mentor

Adam Giordano

Business Manager
A to Z Wealth for Life

Mentor since 2014

With a background in telecommunications, Adam decided on a new career path in 2004 and returned to university to study Commerce. He joined Deloitte in 2007, a valuable experience due to the size and complexity of client businesses and the exposure to some incredibly driven people. Highlights included auditing extremely large & complex balances including $1B sales / $800M Stock balance among others.

Adam then secured a role with HLB Mann Judd, a different experience to Deloitte but equally rewarding. Serving smaller organisations, Adam found that a deeper relationship evolved between client and adviser which he really enjoyed.

Moving into the Financial Advice industry has again been completely different, serving individual's not businesses, and being more involved in business strategy & decision making has been enjoyable.

Adam’s qualification as Chartered Accountant has helped position himself as a competent business person. The program is very challenging but extremely rewarding and graduating from the program still ranks as one of Adam’s highest career achievements.

Looking forward, Adam will be looking to start his own business. Not an easy path as small business is definitely challenging, but Adam feels the skills he has developed and experience he has gained will help him achieve a successful business venture.

We asked Adam, if he had one piece of advice for alumni what would it be?

Great technical ability is only the start of being a good business professional.
At some point in your career your technical proficiency will be expected, therefore, to stand out from the crowd requires you to develop other skills which provide you a point of difference opening up greater opportunities for you in the business world. For example, great communication skills that improve your ability to engage clients on a deeper level, increasing trust and greater sales revenue for your brand (personal & corporate) is a point of difference and will help you stand out from the crowd, if that’s what you want. But don’t get complacent good technical ability is expected, that doesn’t mean it’s not important, because those who can master their own profession and also excel in other relevant areas are very highly sought after individuals.

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