Daniel Rossetto

CEO of Climate Mundial, London

Bachelor of Building (Hons) 1997

Daniel Rossetto

Daniel Rossetto is a world-leading specialist in climate finance, clean energy development and carbon markets. He is Managing Director at Climate Mundial Limited in London which is a specialist climate finance provider for it global client base.

Daniel completed his Bachelor of Building with Honours at UniSA in 1997, the year the Kyoto Protocol to reduce greenhouse gas emissions was adopted. Almost two decades on, with a successful career in renewable energy and international development, Daniel reflects on the likelihood of compromise to be being reached on the future of limiting greenhouse gases at the forthcoming United Nations climate summit in Paris later this year.

“The Kyoto Protocol, signed by all countries in 1997, was a good first step. All countries – everyone from the U.S. and Australia through to Morocco and Gabon - are busily preparing their own national contributions to include in the Paris agreement. It’s an exciting time as we’ve rarely seen universal cooperation on this scale before,” says Daniel.

And what of the progress made in Australia?

“Australia, at its core, is a cooperative nation filled with people driven to do the right thing economically, environmentally and socially. In South Australia, when I began working for Government at the end of the 1990s, we had not a single wind-farm in the state and solar panels were only used in off-grid applications. Today the state produces 40% of its electricity from renewable sources. When you see change like that in just 15 years, it makes you know change is possible and compels one to think boldly about the future,” he says.

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