Telstra SA Micro Business Award

Posture Podiatry

Adelaide-based Posture Podiatry , which counts Olympic basketballers and members of the Australian Dance Theatre among is clientele, was named the 2015 Telstra South Australian Micro Business Award of the year on 10 July.

UniSA alumnus Daniel Gibbs (Bachelor of Podiatry 2003) and his wife Julia Gibbs founded Posture Podiatry in 2009 and have grown it from a sole practitioner business into a thriving practice which employs a staff of six including three podiatrists — Bailey Keatley (Bachelor of Podiatry UniSA 2005), Ed Murray (Bachelor of Podiatry UniSA 2015) and Scott Leslie (Bachelor of Applied Science (Podiatry) Queensland University of Technology).

Posture Podiatry marries state-of-the-art technology, manual therapy techniques, dry needling and massage techniques with more traditional practices such as the fitting of orthotics to identify and treat the root cause of foot and lower leg pain.

Daniel, who is a passionate believer in treating the whole person, says: “We want to come up with a treatment plan that enables people to do what they love to do."

Daniel's career choice was inspired by his mother who ran a home-based physiotherapy practice. He often had his head in her anatomy books and observed how her treatment helped her clients. These experiences shaped his strong desire to help people which drives his personal and business philosophy.

He applied to do a physiotherapy degree at UniSA but was one mark short of gaining admission into the course. It was suggested to him that he go into Podiatry and try to switch over later.

However, once he began Podiatry Daniel never looked back. Even when he was offered a place in Physiotherapy he declined. He says: "I was already in the place I wanted to be," learning technical clinical skills and working in the UniSA clinic — and helping people.

After graduating in 2003 Daniel worked for five years for an established podiatry practice. He realised there was always going to be a limit on the number of people he could help by working for someone else and he felt he was ready to start his own practice.

"I was driving along the street one day noticing all the business signs and found myself thinking: 'in every one of these businesses someone has gone out on a limb. I could do that too.' So I decided to open my own clinic and Posture Podiatry was born,” Daniel says.

For the next four years Daniel combined treating clients with running and growing the business but, like many allied health professionals in his situation, he reached a critical point “when you realise that to be a good business owner you have to be a more than a good technician.”

"I had big dreams, but no time to bring them to reality. Our business worked, but it relied heavily on me, meaning I had become the bottleneck to our lasting success," he says.

“Last year I went through a transformation process. I made one of the hardest decisions I’d ever made, to come off the tools and to concentrate my efforts on the business, giving up the technical side.

"When I stopped being a podiatrist and started being a business owner I began to behave differently, focus on the things that mattered, and ultimately free the business to grow far beyond anything I could have achieved on my own.

"I’m grateful for the clients who have stayed with us and to my team for the inspiration they provide. I’m really proud that we’re all moving together,” Daniel says.

Winners of the Telstra South Australian Business Awards will now proceed to the 2015 Telstra Australian Business Awards that will be announced in Sydney on 20 August. More about the Telstra Business Awards.

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