Centre for Business Growth’s One Day Assessment Clinics

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In September 2014, the University of South Australia’s Centre for Business Growth was launched to teach CEOs and executive teams how to grow a company and compete in a global marketplace. The Centre has worked with over 75 companies across Australia with revenues between $5M and $50M, helping the executive teams understand what they need to do, or stop doing, to grow.

Recently, the Centre for Business Growth announced the results from the ANZ Business Growth program , an intensive nine-month program delivered to ten SMEs from around Australia. The program consisted of an Assessment Clinic for the CEOs and then three, three-day modules for the CEOs and two members of the executive team – and the results are a sure sign of success. Revenues are already up 24 per cent, profits are up 29 per cent, and employment has increased by 41 per cent; the companies added 114 jobs last year and expect to add 322 jobs this year.

The Centre has announced that other Australian CEOs can now get a taste of the knowledge, skills, and insights gained by these ten companies in a limited number of Assessment Clinics coming up in October. The one-day program enables CEOs to work with the Centre’s growth experts to identify their company’s growth inhibitors and opportunities, and develop their own action plan for growth.

David Worth, CEO of Go Natural said, "The Assessment Clinic was a tremendous opportunity to reflect on the future of our business, our vision and impediments to growth. Rather than just completing the Clinic with an idea of what we needed to grow, we left with an action plan to proactively approach new partners that could complement our strengths.”

Another CEO said "The quality of information gained from the Assessment Clinic was priceless. I can assure you if I was armed with this knowledge starting the business 10 years ago I would be in a very different position! I would highly encourage any CEO to attend to make the most of it!"

To learn more about the Assessment Clinic, please contact the Centre for Business Growth via cbg@unisa.edu.au or +61 8 8302 0484, or visit the CBG website.

In the meantime, you can also check out the Centre’s latest press coverage: “Five common mistakes growing a company and how to fix them” and “Crows chair Rob Chapman leads bid to turn around SA and fill Adelaide’s 7000 empty desks”.

CBG Assessment Clinic

Centre for Business Growth Assessment Clinic
Who: CEO/MD of a company with $2M to $60M in revenue and 5 to 200 employees
Location: Adelaide Duration: 1 day
Date: October 12, 13, 14 or 16. Each CEO/MD selects one of these dates.
Cost: $3,000 for CEO or MD.

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