Alumni Update Issue 12

Kirsty Welsh - Transforming the lives of others through health and fitness

Personal Trainer
Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement)

Kirsty Welsh practising yoga

Are fitness and health part of your 2016 New Year’s resolutions? UniSA alumna and personal trainer, Kirsty Welsh, can help you get on track and motivated. Kirsty has transformed lives and is helping people get back to the basics of movement.

Graduating from UniSA with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement) in 2008, Kirsty began a successful personal training business in Adelaide before moving to Sydney to work behind the scenes on Channel 9’s BIG: Extreme Makeover in 2011.

After six months of living in the USA where she competed in her first and only fitness competition, Kirsty moved back to Sydney to continue her business, give health speeches to high school students, and to write and blog about her holistic approach to health. Many of her articles have appeared in various Australian publications.

She has always been a spiritual junkie, but it was after suffering from injuries that she decided to take up yoga. Excited over its healing benefits, Kirsty trained as a yoga instructor and began incorporating it into her personal training sessions with clients.

Earlier this year she moved back home to Adelaide where she continues to work as a personal trainer. She has recently opened her own yoga studio which she says is a place for people to learn how to listen to their body and to understand not to take life too seriously.

Why did you become a personal trainer?

I started studying Music Performance but never felt satisfied. I then moved to Human Movement, which was a breath of fresh air to me; it was immediately fun and attracted a bright and optimistic bunch of people. It was very motivating to work among people who also got excited about muscles and our capacity for movement, performance and health.

I had no intention of being a personal trainer until the second year of my degree when I studied a Certificate 4 in Fitness. The ability to really make a difference in the lives of others and be part of the prevention of poor health rather than just the cure – that’s what excited me. It brought new spark into my life.

What makes you so passionate about health and fitness?

It’s evolved along with my personal growth. I began by loving the energy, the health, the buzz, the strength of self and the community. Now it’s about the holistic experience, how movement makes us feel, and how great overall health can change our moment to moment experience. It can open the door to real happiness.

Tell us about your holistic health and fitness philosophy

I believe there is no right or wrong – what is true for one person may not be true for another. But we all have a mind, a body and a spirit, and each component needs nurturing. It’s about finding our own best blend and allowing it to evolve and change to meet our needs at the time.

I believe in simply listening to your body. We live in a world that demands and expects too much – you should move how you feel. If you need to hit something, pop on your boxing gloves and do it. If you need to breathe and stretch, do it. You can’t expect your body to keep burning fuel when there’s nothing left. Choose to feel health and happiness first, and the aesthetics and the body will follow.

Do you have any advice for young graduates?

Stay humble. Build your foundations and seek advice and mentorship; you need to know your weaknesses and be okay with asking for help, but also know your strengths and how to build on them. It might take a number of years, but find your unique niche. Take notice of what makes your heart sing and do it. And always be patient; keep learning and evolving.

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