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Meet the new President of UniSA's Malaysia Chapter

Datuk Dr Noel Robert

Dr Noel Robert

The newly elected President of University of South Australia Alumni Association of Malaysia, Datuk Dr Noel Robert, is a passionate advocate for education. As the founder and CEO of YPC International College (YPC College) in Kuala Lumpur, Dr Robert has devoted much of his career to providing education opportunities to young people.

Dr Robert, who has a Doctor of Business Administration from University of South Australia, began his career working in internal audit and finance with several large multinational companies. His move into education was prompted by the 1997 Asian financial crisis which became a life-changing moment for him, as he witnessed company failures and downsizing, along with the loss of thousands of jobs.

Believing in the importance of education, he established YPC College in 2001 with the primary objective of providing affordable educational opportunities, especially to lower income groups. It offers the Cambridge A-level pre-university program, and Foundation, Diploma and Bachelor courses in Accounting, Business, IT and Multimedia Computing..

“Seeing our graduates being successful in career and life, especially when they came from poor families, single parents and low status families puts a big smile on my face and makes all the hard work and effort worthwhile,” says Dr Robert.

“Among our Diploma graduates we have a street kid whose parents were drug addicts and abandoned him and his siblings in a shelter. Today he is successfully working in the same Foundation that gave him hope, helping street kids, and we are immensely proud of his achievement.”

An active member of the Malaysian Alumni Chapter for many years, Dr Robert joined the committee last year. He is looking forward to helping shape its future development.

“I must thank Joanna Liao, our immediate past President who has reached out to all the alumni and set new standards in running the Malaysian Alumni Chapter. The visits to alumni in other states and ‘teh-tarik’ (tea get together) sessions have created a new bond and friendship amongst the members,” he says.

“In 2016 we plan to leave our footprints through a number of activities which encourages members and their families’ participation. Baking classes, bowling competitions, seminars and talks by prominent speakers, including academics from UniSA, are some of the activities we have in store for our members. The highlight of this year, of course, will be UniSA’s 25th Birthday celebrations in July.”

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