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Mimi Crowe

Head of Development and Strategy, State Theatre Company, Adelaide

Master of Business Administration

Mimi Crowe

Adelaide comes alive in February and March each year during the Adelaide Festival and the Fringe. This has become Mimi Crowe's world in her new role as Head of Development and Strategy at the State Theatre Company. After beginning her career as an actor, Mimi moved into arts administration and produced the acclaimed TARNANTHI Festival of Contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art, which was a career highlight.

After completing her Master of Business Administration (MBA) with UniSA in 2011, Mimi worked as the General Manager of the Office for Design and Architecture SA before moving on to the Art Gallery of South Australia as the Executive Producer of TARNANTHI.

Mimi started her career in the arts as an actor after graduating from Central Washington University with a Bachelor of Theatre Arts. Upon moving to Australia in 2001, she made the decision to develop her business skills and embark on a career in arts administration.

”South Australia has an incredibly strong and vibrant arts industry and I knew quite early on that I wanted to devote my career to supporting artists to deliver their artistic vision through solid administration and good management,” says Mimi.

It was this decision that led Mimi to complete her MBA.

”I knew a solid understanding of best practice management including economic and financial skillsets would be of importance to the art industry in the future. The MBA was crucial to enable me to best support art organisations with the highest possible level of business acumen required for agile, forward thinking organisations,” she says.

Mimi says her most rewarding professional achievement was producing TARNANTHI at the Art Gallery of South Australia.

“It was such a culturally, personally and professionally rewarding experience. I feel deeply grateful for having been part of such an important national event. Presenting the work of over 1,000 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists in South Australia (with over 200 artists coming to Adelaide for the opening weekend) was a truly unique and exceptional experience.”

In her new position with the State Theatre Company, Mimi will be heading up the fundraising team but also taking a crucial role in strategic planning and government relations. She is excited about the challenges ahead.

“I think as economies internationally struggle, and budget decisions become harder, the arts industry has to be more savvy and proactive than ever at demonstrating both our tangible and intangible value in society. One of the elements I enjoy is acting as a translator between artistic vision and the world of business and government funding.”

Mimi says she has heard of too many people who want a change but are afraid to make the first step, so advises graduates to take the chance.

”There is no harm in trying. Put your hand up for opportunities and say yes when they come. If you think you would be great at a job, but not sure of your skillset then either put in an application or develop the areas that you are lacking for that role. UniSA’s MBA provides its graduates with such a broad and useful skillset, the possibilities for success are endless!”

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