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Every student who comes to UniSA has a unique journey ahead of them. As each student strives toward their hopes and ambitions for the future, many have personal hurdles to overcome. Students like Michelle, who was urged to study a Bachelor of Social Work by her amputee doctor, as he knew she could make a positive difference in people’s lives. Michelle believes her disability and living through a traumatic childhood will help her to influence others to also be the best they can be. Following graduation, she hopes to inspire Aboriginal children in Adelaide’s northern areas to reach their potential.

Hear Michelle’s story, including how receiving a scholarship gave her the encouragement she needed to embark on a brighter future.

Hear Michelle’s story:

Michelle describes the obstacles she faced earlier in life and her hopes for the future in an open letter.

“Eight years ago I was diagnosed with cancer. Thankfully I survived, but then not long afterwards I was involved in a serious car accident and as a result I lost my right arm. I’m sure you can understand why I found myself in a dark place. But, when I climbed out of it I realised that all I wanted to do was to help others.

“I felt that I was going to struggle academically and that my disability would mean I took longer to complete assignments, so this scholarship meant I could dedicate more time to studying. Not only this, but I saw it as a sign that a generous person believed in me and I was determined not to let them down.

“It feels silly admitting this to you now, but I was so convinced that I would fail that for two years I never even looked at my grades. All of my life I’d believed that I was worthless so can you imagine how I felt when one day after class my lecturer asked me to review my assignment with them? They handed me back my marked essay with the words ‘High Distinction’ jumping off the page! The next day the lecturer announced to the class that they had just awarded their first High Distinction for the year and I was beaming; I had never felt so proud.”

You can read Michelle’s full letter here.

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