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Physio to India’s sporting stars

Anuja Dalvi-Pandit

Master of Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapy
Founder of PhysioConcepts Education
Anuja Dalvi-Pandit

In 2012 Anuja Dalvi-Pandit made the ultimate decision to put her career, in the vast bustling city Mumbai, on hold and make the journey to Adelaide to further her education at the University of South Australia. Fast-forward five years, and Anuja is a Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapy Consultant and active in putting together programs to help the next generation of physiotherapists in India – all the while finding time to run her own business, LiveActive Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic.

The clinic sees a variety of sports people walk in and out of its’ doors. From cricketers, to gymnasts, to Kabaddi Players, and even pistol shooters – the clinic is a hotspot for many of India’s high performance athletes.

“We believe these athletes have the potential to be the future of the Indian sporting industry and we are proud to do our part in helping them achieve their best,” says Anuja.

Before her time studying at UniSA, Anuja had already established a very successful career for herself. She had spent time working with both the Mumbai Cricket Association and the National Cricket Academy, as well as working for the International Tennis Federation. Anuja says her time spent building her career not only helped when she opened her own business, but also proved crucial in her studies.

“The experience I gained during these years proved instrumental in successfully completing my studies. If you have already worked at a good platform, you can absorb the most.”

In the years spent studying in Adelaide, Anuja says she was able to learn so much, not just about becoming a clinician, but also about appreciating the world around you.

“I never heard a clock ticking in Mumbai, but Adelaide taught me how life can be quiet and beautiful. I also met a few of my lifetime friends, and time spent with those beautiful souls will always be treasured.”

Despite being a growing sports industry, Anuja says in the rest of Mumbai, and by extension in India, sports medicine is still a fairly neglected area, with a lack of specialists having a critical effect on the country’s performance.

“There is a dearth of qualified professionals, which reflects on our sports performance as a country on the world stage. There is a constant need for good physios with international quality training and experience.”

Anuja says her time spent at UniSA has made her determined to bring a global standard of sports medicine training to India and is doing so by founding educational venture, PhysioConcepts.

“We are hosting three of the IMPA students in Mumbai for sports internships while planning to promote CPD programs for physios through UniSA and the South Australian Sports Medicine Association. As well as this, we also run a short term observership program for young physios at our centre.”

Anuja started LiveActive with a simple aim to improve people’s quality of life by optimising their recovery and function, something which her and her small team of physios have adhered to the whole time they have been in business. Included in LiveActive’s team is Anuja’s Husband Niranjan Pandit, a renowned physio who has worked extensively in both cricket and tennis.

“He is a constant source of support and we work together at all our clinics. I always wanted to set up my own business as I knew it would not only give me an opportunity to grow as professional, but also teach me administrative, marketing, and networking skills.”

“Having my own practice is the freedom I love, but it also comes with the added responsibility of overlooking admin, extended working hours, connecting with sports clubs and organisations, creating job opportunities for others, as well as forming and motivating team members.

“We are, however, blessed with a great young team at LiveActive, and it really makes the job all that much easier to love.”

As well as running LiveActive, Anuja spends a lot of her time working as a consultant for Activ8 Pilates Altitude and Rehab Studio, one of Mumbai’s leading studios in promoting the right to knowledge and fitness practice amongst the community. Here she establishes clinical and functional diagnoses, while planning rehab guidelines or referring clients on to other experts in the field such as orthopaedic surgeons or sports trainers.

With the art and science of physiotherapy rapidly evolving over recent years, Anuja says young physiotherapist’s entering the field need to have ample information behind them.

“Young physios need to be well informed on the recent evidences and changing paradigms of the field, as well as learning from experts and their own treasure of clinical experience.”

But above all else, she says the key to success is to respect those around you and take the time to find power from your surroundings.

“Sometimes it is hard to sustain, but look around you and I am sure you find your strength to keep going.

“A Poet says, there must be belief in the sun, otherwise no one would get up from bed.”

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