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Pridham Hall Pool sold out! Get in quick - corporate opportunities

Name and three words displayed on the inverted pyramid

Hundreds of graduates, staff and supporters have donated to have their name and three words to live by permanently etched into one of three sculptural features of Pridham Hall, UniSA’s iconic new sport and education building now under construction at the City West campus. This initiative has been so widely popular, that the Swimming Pool is now SOLD OUT.

Don’t worry, you still have the opportunity to embed your name and three words onto the blades of the Chandelier or have them carved on the Inverted Pyramid, both of which will be part of the impressive foyer of Pridham Hall.

Your name and words will become a permanent fixture that will forever inform and inspire generations of students, staff, alumni and visitors.

UniSA has recently opened this unique opportunity to corporate businesses. For $5,000, your business can be proudly displayed on one of the two permanent fixtures – inspiring the next generation of leaders. For further information please contact:

Some of UniSA’s generous supporters, who have chosen to embed themselves in Pridham Hall, explain why they donated and what inspired their three words to live by.

Llyndell Heuston

Celebrate your Ancestry

“I chose these three words as the lack of celebration caused a certain amount of tension and vacuum in my family: I wondered, but did not know, that my mother was of the ‘stolen generation’. This situation was unspeakable in the 50’s and 60’s and this removal from family had a strong influence on my mother’s behaviour and thus her attitude towards me. If she had lived in a society where aboriginal heritage was lauded as much as convict heritage, she would have felt more relaxed and her children would have felt more grounded. I now know my heritage is British, Spanish and Aboriginal and I can see those influences in me. If young people know their ancestry it gives a strong rock on which to stand, a strong connection on which to draw strength, a many-textured tapestry of identity in which to celebrate their own brand of individuality.”

Professor Clayton MacKenzie

Shine, not burn

“‘Shine, not burn’ is the motto of the MacKenzie clan, an ancient Scottish Highlands clan. It's a motto that signifies the importance of service, planning and loyalty. A lamp that flares is soon spent and seen by a few; but one that glows long and purposefully throws light on the lives of many. If through the quality and pride of your works, your skill and loyalty shines through consistently and over time, you can make a difference in your own way.

Tom Steer

Head Heart Backbone

“Studying at UniSA gave me a head start in my career and I’m grateful for the doors that it opened up for me. Throughout my career I’ve stayed close the University and have seen it continually evolve and improve. Pridham Hall is going to be a great drawcard for UniSA students and the envy of other Universities. Hopefully I’ll also get to hit the basketball court one day!

I’ve chosen the words ‘Head Heart Backbone’ to be the words carved on the Inverted Pyramid in the foyer. This is a tribute to Fraser Nicholson, a very charismatic and successful Canadian executive who I was lucky enough to have as my manager and good friend for the first 10 years of my career in Hewlett Packard. Fraser saw potential in me, took me under his wing, gave me incredible opportunities and continually pushed me out of my comfort zone to help build my confidence and skills.

Fraser was well known for his mantra ‘Head Heart Backbone’ which was a very simple but powerful way to describe the characteristics of a great leader:

  • Head – intelligence and judgement
  • Heart – passion and ambition
  • Backbone – courage to make tough decisions and never give up

Fraser also loved Adelaide (and its surrounding wine regions). Sadly, we lost Fraser in 2014 and I wanted these words to live on. Having your name and three words on display in Pridham Hall is a rare opportunity to make your mark and pass on some inspiration to the next generation of students.”

You don’t have to wait until Pridham Hall officially opens before taking a tour inside the new building. The Pridham Hall App allows you to ‘virtually’ step inside the completed Pridham Hall building. To download the Pridham Hall App please search for ‘UniSA Pridham Hall’ in either Google Play (Andriod) or the App Store (iPhone).

For further information please visit:

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