Seasons Greetings
Alex L. Kabwe in Zambia
Solving Zambia’s poverty crisis one drop at a time
Water is a cherished resource all over the world – particularly vital for a developing country’s health and wellbeing. Well-versed in the significance of water resources and hoping to make a change in his home country of Zambia is Irrigation Engineer, Alex L. Kabwe. more...
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Nici Cumpston
Creating a cornucopia of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art
South Australian Artist, Nici Cumpston, has dedicated her life to the art of creating. Creating both her own art and opportunities for other artists to showcase the ever-evolving and contemporary artwork of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists in Australia. more...
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Chad Hermsen
A fast-paced career in retail property
After realising that challenge and new opportunities were just as important as climbing the business ladder, Chad Hermsen took a calculated risk which paid off. Since then he has worked on some of Australia’s largest and most exciting retail developments. more...
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Dr Tessa Gargett
Chris Adams Research Grant supports cutting-edge brain cancer research
The inaugural Chris Adams UniSA Research Grant has been awarded to support vital brain cancer research creating a new immunotherapy for brain cancer, honouring the life of Chris Adams, a UniSA graduate, who was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2015. more...
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Table laden with food
How to survive the Holiday Season
Christmas is officially upon us and while this time of year can be magical, it can also be quite overwhelming. Luckily Dr Evangeline Mantzioris – accredited practicing Dietitian and Nutritionist, Program Director, Lecturer and Researcher in Nutrition & Food Science at UniSA – knows how to get the most out of the holiday season. This month she’s sharing her tips with us. more...
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Image gallery: UniSA alumni events
Alumni Events
Challenge your perception of peace and Visit MOD.’s new exhibition – WAGING PEACE
MOD.’s new exhibition will open your mind to the possibility of proactively and aggressively pursuing peace. In the exhibition galleries, you can try your hand at serious gaming, explore satellites in space and interact with defence technologies through the design of a deployable field hospital in augmented reality. Plan your visit at:
The Adelaide//International is a new series of exhibitions for the 2019, 2020 and 2021 Adelaide Festivals, each comprising works by artists from Australia and overseas, along with associated forum programs. The 2019 exhibition will also include world premieres of work from Brook Andrew and Eugenia Lim.
Performance, Forum + Party
Held on the opening weekend of the Adelaide Festival, the 2019 Adelaide//International forum will provide a platform for debate on our changing and ever-more-connected world, and will feature talks, panel discussion, and a performance by Eugenia Lim.
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Hawke Centre: Sanaa Exhibition
The Hawke Centre
Ngupulya-Pumani artwork titled 'Antara' 2017 acrylic on linen. Image courtesy the artist and Mimili Maku Arts
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