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Taking the leap into your dream job

Lizzi Wigmore

Bachelor of Communications, Media and Culture
Marketing, Intrinsic
Founder, Cakelaide
Lizzi Wigmore

Deciding to take the leap and embarking upon your true dream job can often be too daunting to initiate with all the ‘what ifs’ swimming around in our 2am sleepless minds. But to Lizzi Wigmore, leaving her stable corporate position and pursuing her true creative passion was a no-brainer.

Was it difficult to leave a long-term position at a stable company to pursue your true passion? What made you decide to finally ‘take-the-leap’?

Funnily enough it wasn’t a difficult decision, because I got to a point where I valued my happiness more than a stable corporate job. While I certainly pondered the decision, I knew in my heart that this new opportunity set my soul on fire, made me smile when thinking about it, and sparked a motivation that I hadn’t felt for quite a while. It just felt right. I’m a big believer in following your intuition, and my gut feeling was telling me to leap towards Intrinsic... so I leapt! If something feels that right, and that good, then just do it and see where it takes you.

What is it about this Intrinsic that you feel encapsulates “you”?

Intrinsic just feels like it’s me to a T. It’s all about inspirational quotes, beautifully designed products, and a rainbow of colour. Their aim is to spread joy, happiness and love in the world, and I just love everything about them! Their product, their inspiring words, their mission, the husband and wife founders... I love it all, and importantly, I believe in the brand.

One of my favourite quotes by Adèle Basheer - Intrinsic founder and inspiring wordsmith - is “The universe works in mysterious ways, trust that everything happens at the right time for the right reason.” This message has guided me through much of my life, and so I think that I was ready and it was the right time to ‘come home’ to Intrinsic after so many years, to take their marketing and communications to a new level. I had dabbled in a few different jobs, developed a variety of skillsets, built my experience, developed myself both professionally and personally, and reached a point of clarity of what I wanted from my future career.

You said, “If you love something, you’ll never work a day in your life.” What does this mean to you?

Loving what you do means waking up excited to go to work, smiling as you go about your day, getting enjoyment out of most tasks, feeling your face light up as you tell people about it, thinking up ideas outside of work time, and genuinely having fun and feeling happy at your workplace.

In your opinion, what are the essential ingredients required to truly love your job?

The key is to know yourself and focus on your likes, passions and desires. Focus on what draws you in and what you get enjoyment from. It can be little things like hobbies, weekend pursuits, or specific tasks in your current job. Whatever makes you smile and ignites a spark in you, focus on that! That is the feeling you want to nurture, that is the feeling you want to turn into a job and a career. Everyone has something that makes them spark, so find that something, and figure out how you can turn it into your career. If you can take what you already love and turn it into a job, then you will wake up every morning excited and motivated for the day ahead. It’s just about finding that spark that lights you up.

Lizzi Wigmore

What advice do you have for others about pursuing their passion in their own careers, when employment can be unstable in our current environment?

Obviously we need to work to pay our bills - everyone does. But even if you’re in a job that isn’t truly aligned with you, try to find the little things in that role that make your soul shine. Find the parts of that role that you enjoy and that make you smile, however small they are. And focus on them. Then aim to increase those ‘happy parts’ in your next role. Whether it’s gaining experience in a certain area, going back to study, or starting your own business. Just figure out what are your happy parts, and plan to have more of them in your next role. Onwards and upwards!

What advice do you have for recent graduates who are looking for opportunities in their field of study?

I would highly recommend utilising your uni degree for networking and work experience opportunities. I undertook two internships while at UniSA and both resulted in paid work, boosted my resume, and gave me fantastic contacts. I even got a house sitting gig for the owner of the PR firm where I did one internship! And the Marketing Manager at the other internship became a close friend and mentor, and even offered me a job upon my return to Adelaide from overseas. Contacts are key in Adelaide - it’s all about the relationships.

Internships and work experience give you a taste of what the industry is like, and for me, this left me wanting more and knowing that I had studied the right field.

You have also started a beautiful cake decorating business. How you become involved in this?

This passion and skill kind of came out of nowhere! I have always been a sweet tooth and loved desserts, but never once thought it would turn into a cake making business! It started just over a year ago when I made my sister’s 30th birthday cake. It wasn’t your average cake, as I had seen a bunch of cake inspo on Pinterest, and I wanted to try something a bit more special. I received so much beautiful feedback and people saying I had a real talent for it, so I decided to dabble my hand in cake making and see where it went.

I’ve always been creative, and so cake decorating is a fun way of tapping into my creativity to come up with unique cake creations. I love everything from researching different cake styles, designing how my cake will look, trying new techniques, and seeing the end result bring a smile to my customer’s face. My cake business Cakelaide is still in its early stages, but it’s become a passion that I’m exploring to see where it takes me!

What are your long-term goals?

I love the marketing, PR and communications industry, even more so now that I can focus on a brand that I truly love. While my career has focused in digital marketing so far, I’d be keen to explore my creative side at some point, maybe in graphic design or photography. Whatever the case and whatever I end up doing, I just want to enjoy my work and ensure it brings a smile to my face. So that is what I’ll pursue more than anything - that feeling of joy and happiness in loving what you’re doing. Because as the saying goes, “if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life!

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