Nadine Rachid
A global career in humanitarian aid and child protection
A childhood dream of fighting for the rights of the less fortunate inspired Nadine Rachid to pursue her law qualifications. Six years on from graduating, with thousands of kilometres travelled and many life-changing experiences under her belt, she reflects on her time working for the United Nations in Lebanon. more...
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Kirstie Coultas
Ovarian cancer researcher riding for a cure
Along with a team of dedicated UniSA cyclists, cancer researcher Professor Peter Hoffmann, will be riding through Kangaroo Island, amongst its pristine coastline and breathtaking wilderness, in hopes of raising vital funds for his research in early detection of ovarian cancer. more...
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Ayesha Aggarwal
One of Adelaide’s in demand artistic ceramicists you should get to know
Ayesha Aggarwal has spent her life immersed in creative artistic expression. Her latest endeavour to create beautiful handmade ceramics is gaining attention as an artist to follow in Adelaide. more...
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Fashion models
Smartphones: are they just a pain in the neck?
With our entire world is now accessible from the palm of our hands, phone and technology use is becoming an increasingly intrinsic part of our lives. However this ease of accessibility and connection also comes with a number of risks according to UniSA researchers. more...
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Image gallery: UniSA alumni events
Alumni Events
Sanaa: A Better World Through Creativity- Adelaide
Showcasing the work of Australian and African artists - from the grassroots level to some of the African continents leading visual artists, Sanaa: A Better World Through Creativity.
The Adelaide//International is a new series of exhibitions for the 2019, 2020 and 2021 Adelaide Festivals, each comprising works by artists from Australia and overseas, along with associated forum programs.
Performance, Forum + Party
The 2019 Adelaide//International forum will provide a platform for debate on our changing and ever-more-connected world, and will feature talks, panel discussion, and a performance by Eugenia Lim.
Can Trees Talk, Think and Heal?
Pioneering scientists Brian Pickles and Monica Gagliano explore the fascinating hidden world of tree communication, plant cognition and the healing powers of forest bathing.
Gene Eating, Dr Giles Yeo
Join us and University of Cambridge Geneticist, Dr Giles Yeo as he launches his new book Gene Eating: The science of obesity and the truth about diets.
Fighting Poverty Through Education
Join us to hear the inspiring achievements of The School of St Jude’s and its students, and to appreciate how this pioneering leader in charitable education is achieving its mission by 'fighting poverty through education'.
UniSA Careers Expo
If you're seeking employment or looking to further your career, this is a must attend event for you. UniSA has partnered with the Australian Association of Graduate Employers (AAGE) to deliver a one-day UniSA Careers Expo.
MBA Info Session
Elevate your career and transform your future with an MBA from UniSA Business School.
Europe – Quo Vadis: A German Perspective
In this provocative lecture, Dr Anna Prinz contends that reform in Europe must go beyond narrow economic parameters and address the issue of a stronger, more flexible Union that strengthens the EU, without weakening its neighbours.
Sydney Alumni Cocktail Reception
Join Vice Chancellor Professor David Lloyd and fellow alumni for a networking event in Sydney.
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Eugenia Lim The Peoples Currency 2017 Zan Wimberley
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