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The gift of education for promising aged-care professionals

The gift of education for promising aged-care professionals

Earlier this month, 94 University of South Australia (UniSA) recipients proudly crossed the stage at The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre in recognition of their life-changing scholarship and grant honours, thanks to the generosity of the University’s donors.

The awards, totalling almost $1 million, will recognise 220 students in 2019 by providing vital encouragement for individuals sharing a common aspiration to succeed both academically and professionally.

Our scholarships and grants program offers transformative gifts to students with exceptional ability who – through an array of cultural, geographical and socio-economic circumstances – might not otherwise have the opportunity to go to university.

Just one example of the impact our generous donors is Resthaven’s incredible contribution of over $600,000 to scholarships and grants at the University over the past 10 years.

As a valued major donor to UniSA since 2010, the stalwart not-for-profit organisation has been key in nurturing the next generation of outstanding aged-care professionals with scholarships and education at the University.

The Resthaven scholarships deliver lasting benefits by affirming the importance of working in the aged-care sector and raising awareness of aged-care as a career path for graduating nurses and allied health professionals at the University. The scholarships support our students to become leading professionals who deliver quality care to older people – now and in the future.

This year at the 2019 Scholarships and Grants Ceremony, Resthaven Executive Manager of People and Culture – and fellow UniSA alumna – Sam Bradley, presented five scholarships to worthy recipients to support them on their aged-care journey.

Sam Bradley with the 2019 Resthaven Scholarship recipients

(Image: Sam Bradley (left) with the 2019 Resthaven Scholarship recipients)

Resthaven 80th Anniversary Undergraduate Occupational Therapy Scholarship recipient, Melayni Bovaird-Cations, says she was both elated and humbled to receive the scholarship further fuelling her already immeasurable enthusiasm and interest in aged-care.

“Through my personal and education experiences, the importance of working with older people to keep them living well by doing the things they want and need to do, in both good and ill health, has been unequivocal,” she says.

“This scholarship will open up new opportunities to speak with older people, their families and staff, about the value and the variety of contributions to the wellbeing of occupational therapy for older people to support them in their goals.

“The more I experience, the stronger is my belief that occupational therapy makes an absolutely vital contribution to the health and well-being of older people."

Similarly for international student, Vipanjit Kaur, receiving the Resthaven 80th Anniversary Undergraduate Nursing Scholarship will make a tremendous impact on her education and future career as a nurse in the aged-care sector.

Speaking about her passion for aged-care nursing, Kaur is thankful for the gratification she gets from her work and personal satisfaction of knowing what she is doing genuinely makes a difference.

“When we get a thank you from a resident or a relative, and their face lights up, we get this warm and fuzzy feeling that we just can’t beat,” she says. “We have made their life that little bit more bearable and maybe even made them more comfortable in their final moments."

“I can safely say there is no greater honour and nothing more special, and that’s the main reason behind me working as a carer in aged-care for the past couple of years.

“This scholarship will make a big difference in my education and in accomplishing my goals, and eventually become a successful registered nurse.”

Other Resthaven honourees on the night included Resthaven 80th Anniversary Undergraduate Physiotherapy Scholarship recipient, Brian Farnam; Resthaven 80th Anniversary Undergraduate Nursing Scholarship recipient, Guorong Elias; and Resthaven Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Allied Health Scholarship, Raphael O’Connor.

Resthaven Chief Executive Officer, Richard Hearn, knows the importance of working with older people and supporting scholarships at UniSA in order to give back to the South Australian community.

“Resthaven considers our investment in the scholarships an important contribution to the Australian community,” he says. “With our ageing society developing a strong future aged-care workforce is vital. Older people have shaped this nation. They deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.”

“Supporting the students who will become the highly professional aged-care nursing and allied health practitioners of the future benefits us all.”

More information and images from the 2019 Scholarships and Grants Ceremony can be found here.

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