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25th Birthday celebrations in Malaysia and Singapore

Cutting the cake in Malaysia, Datuk Dr Noel Robert and VC David Lloyd

Cutting the cake in Malaysia, Datuk Dr Noel Robert and VC Prof David Lloyd

Almost 300 alumni and special guests joined the Vice Chancellor and President, Professor David Lloyd, Chancellor, Jim McDowell, and members of senior management at the University of South Australia's 25th Birthday dinners held in Asia recently.

The dinner in Malaysia was held at the Neo Tamarind Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur on 15 July and official guests joining the Vice Chancellor included Damian Hickey, representing the High Commissioner to Malaysia, Susan Kahwati, Senior Trade Commissioner at the Australian Trade Commission, and University fellow Ir Chee Meng Yeong FUniSA. Chapter President, Datuk Dr Noel Robert was joined by past presidents Raj Kumar and Lee Wan Ling and members of the committee.

The Singaporean dinner was held on 16 July at the W Hotel on Sentosa Island and guests enjoyed a glittering Lion Dance and a tango floor show. Official guests joining the Vice Chancellor and Chancellor were Tracy Harris, Trade Commissioner to Singapore, and University fellow Dr Chew Kia Ngee FUniSA and Mrs Gek Chew. Sherina Ng, who has stepped down as president of the Singapore Alumni Chapter, was joined by the incoming president, Lawrence Lim, and committee members. Former Chapter Presidents Desmond Tan, Richard Quek and Donald Aw attended.

To celebrate UniSA’s 25th Birthday, the Vice Chancellor is hosting events in Australian capitals, including in Canberra on 3 August, Brisbane on 4 August and Perth on 23 August. Register now.

To find an event near you please visit: 25th Birthday Alumni Events