Alumni Update | Issue Two 2014
Beata Serafin
Director, Aerometrex
Bachelor of Interior Design

Beata Serafin is Director and co-owner of Aerometrex, an award-winning Adelaide geospatial mapping and aerial photography company. She graduated with a Bachelor of Interior Design from the University of South Australia in 2000.

Beata found her professional calling at university, where she started designing transportable buildings and developed an interest in 3D modelling software.
Beata Serafin
She soon began tutoring at UniSA in 3DMax and Photoshop, and after building up experience, she landed a software teaching job with Steven Leach Associates in Kuala Lumpur. Training foreign architects and designers in presentation software is an experience Beata rates very highly.

'My time in Kuala Lumpur was not only a highlight career-wise, but also on a personal level,' she says.

'Upon return from Malaysia, I continued external assistance to the company and staff whom over time I had grown very fond of.'

Back in Adelaide, Beata's career path took another exciting turn with a chance job opportunity.

'I came across Aerometrex, a photogrammetry company which was looking for people with Photoshop experience,' she says.

'Working for Aerometrex, I was trained in many new geospatial related-skills – I was like a sponge savouring every lesson.'

Beata worked her way up through the company over the years and eventually reached what she describes as the pinnacle of her career so far.

'From humble beginnings I am now proud to be director and co-owner of this company... a company that is still growing and developing, and strangely enough a well functioning family.'

She is one of five company directors who each contribute to business strategy. In her specific role, Beata is responsible for overseeing the company's department of stereo photogrammetry (3D mapping data generated from aerial imagery), and coordinates the unit's projects and software procurement. Now that she is settled into a senior role within the geospatial sector, Beata looks back positively at how her UniSA degree helped her climb the professional ladder.

'All the skills I have learnt while studying in one field have been of use and benefit in another,' she says.

'I remember being told by numerous lecturers - you never know where your career path will take you.'

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