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Add a Business Listing

To add a business you need to:

    1. be a UniSA alumnus (a graduate of the University of South Australia and
      its antecedent institutions).
    2. be a UniSA Alumni Network card holder
    3. offer a discount or benefit on a product or service to other UniSA Alumni Network card holders.

Please note: All fields must be completed for the listing to be accepted.
Fields marked with + will appear on the website.
Businesses will appear under category heading on the website.

+Listed under one of the main search engine categories, please indicate where you would like your business to appear (you can search the directory for examples of businesses listed under search categories)                                                         

Business Details

+Company name:
+Street address:
+Website address:
+Business description:
  (max 200 words)

UniSA Alumnus (UniSA Alumni Network card holder)

If the alumnus is not the contact person the phone/fax/email will not be listed on the website

+First name:
+Last name:  
UniSA Alumni Network card number:
+Position title:
+Qualification details:
  (program and year graduated)



Contact Person (person to contact to access the benefit)

Only complete if different from the person above

+First name:
+Last name:    
+Position title:

Benefit for UniSA Alumni

(will be detailed on the website for alumni to access the benefit)

+Benefit detail:



To access this benefit UniSA Alumni need to:

quote UniSA Network Card number
show UniSA Network Card

Where can the benefit be accessed?

within SA

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If you would like a logo or photo to appear with your listing please email it to Jane Russell in a jpeg or gif format.

Business Listing Example