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Jewellery and Metal

Student in the Jewellery and Metal StudioThe Jewellery and Metal studio specialisation in the School of Art, Architecture and Design offers the contemporary crafts practitioner an exciting medium for conceptual and practical works that explore a range of materials and ways of decorating or interacting with the body. Jewellery + Metal offers new possibilities to display the world's rarest and most precious materials using a wealth of alternative materials and processes. Contemporary jewellery and metal practice reflects the variety of influences and materials designer makers use to create objects that decorate the body or stand alone.


Courses offered

Introduction to the Jewellery Workshop (VSAR 2090)

An introductory course covering safe workshop practices, jewellery and metalsmithing manufacturing techniques, studio procedures, materials and equipment technology, historical influences and related theory. More details (timetables, unit value and learning resources)

Fabrication for Jewellery and Metalsmithing (VSAR 2089)

This course will provide an insight into appropriate aesthetic solutions for manufacturing in jewellery and metalsmithing. It will extend individual students' ability to design and manufacture innovative jewellery and metalsmithing artefacts. More details (timetables, unit value and learning resources)

Mokume Gane (VSAR 2095)

An introduction to Japanese fusion-layered patterned laminate and its historical development. More details (timetables, unit value and learning resources)

Jewellery Production Techniques (VSAR 2092)

A contemporary approach to the design and management of limited-production projects in jewellery and metalsmithing with an emphasis on technological research and experimentation. More details (timetables, unit value and learning resources)


Staff in the Jewellery and Metal Studio

Studio Head: Leslie Matthews
Technical Officer: Alice Potter

Studio facilities

The Jewellery & Metal studio area on level 5 of the Dorrit Black building provides excellent facilities for a range of approaches to jewellery making with a focus on metal working processes. Students have access to a tool library and a well-equipped studio and hot workshop. Postgraduate students have access to a 3 axis CAD-CAM milling machine housed in the CAD-CAM Suite.

Please note safety rules apply in the jewellery and metal studio and workshop. In addition to the requirements for PPE (personal protection equipment) for specific SOP (safe operating procedure) you must wear suitable shoes, clothing and safety glasses.

Tool Library

The Tool Library has an extensive range of hand tools for loan to students during class times and for one day loan. While the Tool Library also provides access to specialist equipment, for example a mini lathe and a light cocoon for photographing reflective objects, students are encouraged to obtain their own hand tools as they progress through the jewellery courses.

Jewellery Studio

The Jewellery Studio is located adjacent to the Hot Workshop and has jewellery benches for 20 students. In the studio students have access to metal working equipment such as rolling mills, draw-bench, fly-press, ring bender and a combination guillotine/brakepress/roller.

Hot Workshop

The Hot Workshop has facilities for brazing and annealing, vacuum casting, pickling, lapidary, anodizing (aluminium and titanium) and is serviced by a fume extraction system that includes two separate fume cabinets.

The Hercus 3 axis CAD-CAM milling machine is housed in the CAD-CAM Suite.


Useful links

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General Art Glossary (UniSA)


News and events

Harlan W Butt workshop

American Metalsmith and enamel artist Harlan W Butt visited the South Australian School of Art (now the School of Art, Architecture and Design) and conducted a 'hands on' workshop with students from the Jewellery & Metal Studio. Also attending the workshop was local jewellery maker and graduate from UniSA, Katrina Freene. Harlan demonstrated various enamelling techniques including several of his own innovations such as the 'sock sack' masking technique and a jig for bending cloisonne wire to create multiples for the cloisonne technique.

Mokume Gane workshop

Over the Queen's birthday long weekend 2005 jewellers David Searle and Jane Ruljancich conducted a workshop in diffusion bonding for Mokume Gane. David demonstrated the process of cleaning and stacking layers of silver and copper which are heated under pressure to fuse the layers which are forged to produce 'billets' of metal which can be further deformed in order to produce the distinctive 'wood-grain' pattern of Mokume Gane.

Harlan Butt and Katrina Freene Harlan W Butt workshop attendees

Harlan Butt and local artist Katrina Freene

Workshop attendees

Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group of Australia conference

Lecturer Andrew Welch and eight jewellery and metal students from the South Australian School of Art (now the School of Art, Architecture and Design) travelled to Melbourne for the biannual JMGA (Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group of Australia) conference held 13-15 Feburary 2004. National and international speakers at the conference included Gerd Rothman, Helen Drutt-English and Robert Baines. Recent graduates Katrina Freene and Youn Koung Chung exhibited their work in the associated exhibition 'Graduate Metal'.

Hot Workshop (Mokume 1)

Hot Workshop (Mokume 1)

Andrew Welch and students at the conference

Andrew Welch and students at the conference