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Key staff within Art

2009 Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning Awards (Australian Learning and Teaching Council):
Greg Donovan: 'For the sustained development of a professional visual arts/design industry mentorship scheme underpinned by a participatory democratic learning model grounded in trust and respect.'
Olga Sankey and Steven Carson: 'For developing an innovative Honours curriculum that incorporates traditional one-to-one supervisory arrangements into a community of practice fostering individual student creativity.'

'The teaching staff are very high quality and are all practising artists.' - Yhonnie Scarce, Honours graduate

Undergraduate program

Di Barrett (email Di.Barrett@unisa.edu.au or phone +618 8302 9191)

Honours program

Olga Sankey (email Olga.Sankey@unisa.edu.au or phone +618 8302 9204)

Postgraduate coursework programs

Greg Donovan (email: gregory.donovan@unisa.edu.au or phone +618 8302 0684)

Research degrees

Dr Pamela Zeplin, Portfolio Leader Research Education (email Pamela.Zeplin@unisa.edu.au or phone +618 8302 0329)

All research degrees staff