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Match Studio 

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What is matchstudio?

matchstudio is an interdisciplinary research and professional practice studio established in 2010 that supports our students' transition from university to work l. Through the participation in client based project activity matchstudio provides students the opportunity to develop skills in collaborative practice, project stakeholder engagement, client consultation, client focused concept development, design development based on client feedback project costing and time and project management skills.

What makes matchstudio so special?

Participating in client focused project activity within matchstudio enables students to gain invaluable experience in real life projects supported by industry respected teaching staff, interdisciplinary professional, research and knowledge sharing networks and creative industry mentors.

Why work with matchstudio?

In our increasingly complex world, the environmental, social, cultural and economic dilemmas we seek to resolve have multiple causes and require multiple knowledge bases and responses to address them in a meaningful and sustainable way.