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Enrolment and timetable information

Select the appropriate program and year level for enrolment advice. The enrolment advice contains information about the courses necessary to complete each year level of your program. Course descriptions and information about electives are included with each program. See also Orientation information, Enrolment information.

To view these files you will need to have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer.

New students

The School of Art, Architecture and Design welcomes new commencing students.

New students has information about the three-step process of commencement at UniSA, FAQs and an organisational checklist to make commencing your university studies easier. Don't miss this site!

On-campus enrolment assistance

All students are encouraged to enrol themselves online. Please refer to the New students website for details on how to enrol. However, for new students yet to finalise their enrolment an enrolment assistance session is available in the week prior to Orientation. This is also an opportunity to seek credit for prior learning if you have not already done so.

After you have completed your enrolment you can collect your ID card (if you are a new student) or have your old card updated at Campus Central.

If you require assistance with the enrolment process, please go to Campus Central.






Bachelor of Visual Arts (Specialisation) DBVS

DBVS Year 1
DBVS Year 2
DBVS Year 3

Visual Arts Electives


Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours) DHVS





Graduate Diploma of Visual Arts and Design (Specialisation) DGAD

DGAD 2011


Master of Visual Arts and Design (Specialisation) DMAD

DMAD 2011






Bachelor of Interior Architecture DBIR

DBIR Year 1

DBIR Year 2

DBIR Year 3

DBIR Year 4


Bachelor of Architectural Studies DBAE

DBAE Year 1

DBAE Year 2

DBAE Year 3




Master of Architecture DMAE

DMAE Year 1 & 2






Bachelor of Design (Product Innovation) DBPR

DBPR Year 1

DBPR Year 2

DBPR Year 3 and refer to your personal transition statement.


Bachelor of Industrial Design DBDI (for continuing students only)

Please note that most courses from DBDI no longer exist and have been replaced by those comprising the new DBPR and DMSP degrees. Please see below for appropriate enrolment advice.

DBDI Years 1, 2 and 3 - refer to your personal transition statement.

DBDI Year 4

  Final Year Studio enrol forms available from the School Office


Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication) DBVC

DBVC Year 1

DBVC Year 2

DBVC Year 3


Bachelor of Design (Honours) (Visual Communication) DHVC

DHVC 2011




Master of Design - Industrial Design DMSP

DMSP Year 1 & 2


Master of Design - Visual Communication DMSP

DMSP Year 1 & 2


Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Design DGSU

DGSU 2011


Master of Sustainable Design DMSU

DMSU 2011






2012 AAD Electives (excel file, 54 kb)

Free Elective options