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Experience…Art, Architecture and Design

Friday 10 September 2010 1:00-4:00pm
BH2-09, Barbara Hanrahan Building, City West Campus
1:00pm Information Session
2:45pm School Tour

So you want to be a designer or visual artist?Experience an afternoon of insight into the creative careers of interior design, visual arts, architecture, visual communication and industrial design. Enjoy presentations from lecturing staff on what it means to be an artist or designer in a contemporary world and where your UniSA studies in these fields could take you.

Guided tours of extensive studio and workshop facilities are a highlight and provide exclusive access to the teaching and learning space used daily by students studying these practical and creative programs at UniSA.

Who should come?

  • Year 11 and 12 students interested in design and visual art
  • Art/Design/Technology teachers
  • Career counsellors
  • Anyone interested in a career in art and design

Architecture (Bachelor of Architectural Studies [DBAE]: 3 years full time; equivalent part time)

The study and practice of architecture crosses both artistic and scientific disciplines. Culminating in the design of buildings, cities and places of all types it is concerned with addressing essential human needs and desires - for shelter, order, cultural expression, and sustainable co-existence with the natural world. Architects are trained to think about space and structure in creative and practical ways. They use free, technical and computer aided drawings, models and the written word to communicate their ideas.

Interior Architecture (Bachelor of Interior Architecture [DBIR]: 4 years full time; equivalent part time)

Interior architecture is concerned with the occupational, habitational and recreational needs of people in the creative planning and detailing of socially and environmentally responsive interiors.  It considers structure, furniture, lighting and building services for the design of commercial, educational, institutional, retail, hospitality and exhibition buildings. Students studying interior architecture at UniSA have the opportunity to undertake minor streams in furniture or exhibition design.

Industrial Design (Bachelor of Industrial Design [DBDI]: 4 years full time; equivalent part time)

Industrial designers are involved in the design of the objects you buy and systems you use such as sunglasses, cars, prams and computers. They ensure products satisfy peoples needs for usefulness and are visually pleasing, while ensuring they can be made using manufacturing technologies. Industrial design is artistic and technical in nature. Industrial designers use a creative process to solve problems in new and unique ways. They learn to use sketching and perspective drawings, as well as models, engineering drawings, computers (3D modelling packages) to help solve problems and communicate their ideas.

Visual Communication Design (Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication) [DBVC]: 3 years full time; equivalent part time)

Loren Morris, Illustration Design projectVisual Communication Design is an expanding profession and has become an integral part of today's industry providing sophisticated communication to consumers over various media. The Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication), with professional majors in Graphics and Illustration, produces graduates who are capable of contributing to the cultural and social imperatives of the community, with emphasis on their specialist discipline. The program develops specialised research and practical skills to prepared graduates for entry into related design professions where a rigorous academic standard is required. Graduates currently are enjoying a high employment success rate in a field in which is rapidly expanding, especially in the information technology sector.

Visual Arts (Bachelor of Visual Art (Specialisation) [DBVS]: 3 years full time; equivalent part time)

Jenny Pedlar, BVA HonoursThe Bachelor of Visual Arts offers Specialisations in Art and Design History and Theory, Ceramics, Drawing, Glass, Jewellery and Metal, New Media Arts, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture and Installation, and Textiles. This degree provides a studio-based education for people wishing to pursue careers as professional artists and is a first degree for people wishing to pursue careers as art teachers, art administrators or curators.


The School of Art, Architecture and Design combines what was previously the Louis Laybourne Smith School of Architecture and Design and South Australian School of Art. Teaching is undertaken by both academic and practising professional staff and the School maintains a close association with professional bodies. This ensures that all three disciplines give graduates the skills necessary for success in a continually changing professional environment.


Lecturers from will give presentations about what designers do, what careers in design are like and what it is like to study design at university.