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Facilities - Architecture and Design Workshop

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Workbenches with the Architecture and Design WorkshopThe School of Art, Architecture and Design's Architecture and Design Workshop is an extensive model making, prototype and architectural construction facility and one of the most comprehensive workshop facilities for teaching university-level design courses in Australia. This research, development and manufacturing facility encourages practical design solutions, innovation and excellence in design.

In the Architecture and Design Workshop, students in Architecture, Industrial Design and Interior Architecture gain experience in 3D concept model making, product development, prototyping, furniture manufacturing, or architectural project construction, and a practical-based knowledge of material selection and manufacturing processes.

Workshop areas

The main workshop area is approximately 600m2, loosely divided into:


Machines, equipment and hand tools

The Architecture and Design Workshop has a diverse range of machines, equipment and hand tools. Guarding is installed on equipment to ensure that the area complies with legislation and provides a safe workplace for staff and students.

Machines, equipment and hand tools in the Architecture and Design WorkshopEngineering, metal working

Metal welding

Woodworking, model making, furniture, architectural projects

Plastics, fabrications

Polystyrene foam model making

Painting and finishing