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Welcome to Research in
Art, Architecture and Design

The merged entities of the Louis Laybourne-Smith School of Architecture and Design and South Australian School of Art reveal a rich group of established and emerging researchers who engage in intra-, inter- and multidisciplinary research, as well as discipline-based research. This type of cross fertilisation is key to answering some of the large problems that face a world that is challenged by environmental, economic and social crises. Consequently a blend of the pragmatic and the poetic, the serious and the speculative (or playful) come together in research exercises and outputs which contribute to positive change.

The specific types of research engaged in ranges from designing buildings for housing in remote areas to solving problems of sustainability in the use of materials for architecture and products, to communicating information responsibly in a saturated visual culture, to experimental and conceptual art practices that disturb the comfort zones of mainstream thought to the reflective recording of social, historical and cultural research in peer reviewed journals.

The School of Art, Architecture and Design holds the SASA Gallery and is the the repository of the  Architecture Museum


  Gregory Donovan Louise Haselton Leslie Matthews   Mark Kimber Paul Hoban