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Current exhibition


Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours) 2012  

Elyas Alavi, Aleksandra Antic, Elise Bonato, Madison Bycroft, Michael Carney, Jessica James, Christobel Kelly, Holly Kraehe, Jessica Lemon, Benjamin Leslie, Alexander Lofting, Susan Michael, Alexandra Mowbray, Michael Sara, Carly Snoswell,
Shay Taylor, Hannah White, Andre Lawrence,
Alice Potter, Margaret Rohan  

Exhibition launch:
6pm Wednesday 5 December 2012

Exhibition open:
Thursday 6 - Friday 14 December 2012
11am - 5pm daily    

hunt is one of a cluster of exhibitions that celebrates the work of students graduating in 2012 with degrees from Art, Architecture and Design, University of South Australia.  

       Carly Snoswell