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External Scholars Program

SASA Gallery: External Scholars  
The SASA Gallery has developed a strong network of strategic partnerships with universities and arts organisations across Australia and beyond to build the SASA Gallery: External Scholars Program. The partnerships are forged in order to develop research-led, collaborative real-life experiential learning and teaching opportunities for students across disciplinary areas of critical thinking and writing, curatorial practices, exhibition management, visual art, architecture and design.

The SASA Gallery: External Scholars Program has been generously supported by the Divisional Research Performance Fund.

The following external scholars have contributed scholarly or substantial creative texts, many of which have been included in the collections of art-school and state libraries.

Sean Kelly - Quirk, March 2007
Honorary Research Associate, Tasmanian School of Art, University of Tasmania  
Jim Supangkat - The Dream Republic, April 2007
Chief Curator, CP Foundation Indonesia
Professor Paul Carter - Strangely Familiar, May 2007
Professorial Fellow, Architecture & Design, The University of Melbourne
Lisa Kelly - Years Without Magic, July 2007
Artist, writer and curator, LOOSE Projects, Sydney
Dr Anne Marsh - Transmission, August 2007
Associate Dean Research, Faculty of Art & Design, The University of Melbourne
Professor Pat Hoffie - The Ranger, Sept 2007
Deputy Director (Research), Queensland College of the Arts, Griffiths University
Lola Greeno - The Ranger, Sept 2007
Tasmanian Aboriginal Elder and artist, Arts Tasmania, Indigenous Project Officer, Palawa community, Tasmania
Christine Morrow - SASA Gallery selection panel 2007 & 2008
Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
Dr Divya Tolia-Kelly - Spill, Oct 2007
Lecturer in Social & Cultural Geography, Dept of Geography, Durham University, England
John Kean - This Everything Water, March 2008
Producer, Museum of Victoria, Melbourne
Kim Akerman - This Everything Water, March 2008
Anthropologist and archaeologist, Tasmania
Professor Diana Wood Conroy - This Everything Water, March 2008
Faculty of Creative Arts, University of Wollongong
Anne Brennan - Gathering Loss, April 2008
Head, Art Theory Studio, Canberra School of Art, Australian National University
Professor Domenico de Clario - Line Drawing, Aug 2008
Head, School of Art, Monash University
Max Delany - SASA Gallery selection panel, 2008
Director, Monash University Art Gallery
Brenda Croft - Shards, Oct 2008
Senior Curator, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Island Art, Australian National Gallery
Dr Russell Smith - The Green Candle, Nov 2008
College of Arts and Social Sciences, Australian National University
Assoc Prof Ian McLean - Cinderella II, May 2008
Fine Arts Co-ordinator, School of Architecture, Landscape & Visual Arts, University of West Australia
Dr Adrian Martin - Dark Dreams + Fluorescent Flesh, Feb 2009
Australian film critic, Senior Research Fellow, Monash University
Professor Ross Gibson - K2-02, March 2009
New Media & Digital Culture, UTS; Australia Council, Inaugural Fellow, New Media Art
Jim Everett - Chance Encounters, March 2009
Tasmanian Aboriginal activist & poet, Tasmanian Aboriginal Land Council
Dr Maria Kunda - Chance Encounters, March 2009
Lecturer, Tasmanian School of Art, University of Tasmania
Dr Michael Tawa - Temperature, February 2010
Professor of Architecture, University of Newcastle on Tyne, England. Dept of Architecture, University of Sydney
Dr Philip Jones - Naturally Disturbed, April 2010
Historian, Curator & Senior Researcher, South Australian Museum
Dr Karen Burns - Intimate Immensities, May 2010
Architectural historian, theorist and critic, Lecturer, PhD Coordinator, Architecture, Monash University
Sol Ulbrich - Three ways to hold, August, 2010
Contemporary dancer and choreographer, leader in field
Professor Nikos Papastergiardis - Az Zaban-e Modari, September 2010,
in development. Cultural Studies and Media & Communications, The University of Melbourne
Ted Colless - Vague Possibilities, March 2011
Head of Art History & Theory, Victorian College of the Arts

Dr Christopher Chapman - Soft Rebellion, April 2011,
Acting Senior Curator, National Portrait Gallery, Canberra

Dr Maria Kunda - Crazy Fingers, May 2011,
Associate Lecturer in Art and Design Theory, Tasmanian School of Art, University Tasmania
Professor Colin Rhodes - From Margin to the Centre, June 2011,
Head of School, Sydney College of Art, University of Sydney
Cath Kenneally - everyday the possible, August 2011
Independent writer and radio presenter
Dr Mary Zournazi - everyday the possible, August 2011
Senior Lecturer, School of Social Sciences, University of New South Wales
Dr Vicki Crowley, Bethink, November 2011
School of Communication, International Studies & Languages, UniSA
Dr Alex Selenitisch, Lost for words, February, 2012
Senior Lecturer in Architecture, University of Melbourne
Associate Professor David Cross, Objectified, April, 2012
Co-Director, Research and Postgraduate Studies, School of Fine Art,
College of Creative Arts, Massey University
Elspeth Pitt, Curator, Walking with Alice, May 2012
Australian Prints, Drawings and Illustrated Books, National Gallery of Australia
Lisa Gortonconversations in ellipsis, August 2012
Poet, Victoria
Daniel Thomas AM, Post Skangaroovian, September 2012
Curator and Emeritus Director of the Art Gallery of South Australia
Dr Pamela CroftWarcon, Hot Chocolate, November 2012
Visual Artist, Curator & Lecturer