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Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA)

Contrary to popular opinion a librarian does not sit in an office reading books all day - although many would like to.  Information provided to me has been uploaded here to assist with many of the questions that you have about being a librarian.

Librarian work levels:


To obtain Associate Membership with ALIA all students are required to enter the program with a completed undergraduate degree and complete the prescribed courses and industry placement or have an approved exemption. 

If you have any questions regarding this contact Moira Lawler via email: moira.lawler@unisa.edu.au 

The following links may offer guidance and educational benefits, and ALIA encourages you to contact your State Representative to seek events that you can become involved in. 

ALIA Prize details

ALIA Prize for Highest Achieving Student in the Master in Library and Information Management and the Graduate Diploma of Library and Information Management:

Information on international Library Associations and links