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Requests for data

Please note that all requests will be reviewed against the University's policy A-34 Access to UniSA students, staff and data,  and the Australian Privacy Laws and Principles

External requests or requests going external to UniSA

As per policy A-34 Access to UniSA students, staff and data if the data is to be used by an external party or will be used by staff in an external context please complete the External request for data (requires senior management approval as per the policy).

Internal requests (requests made by staff)

BI Hub is your gateway to UniSA data and information. It is updated weekly and is designed to answer most questions staff have about regular business activities. Visit BI Hub before lodging a request for data.

If you still don't find what you are looking for and your request relates to student information at a transactional or student level complete the form below and select 'Student and Academic Services'.

If you are a senior manager (or support person to a senior manager) please lodge your request using the VIP form. A member of the BIP team will respond promptly to your request.

Your contact details

First name



Email (UniSA email only)

Area: Select the area where the information will come from. If unsure select Other.

Urgency: If the urgency is high, please include an explanation in the Description below.

Provide a detailed description of the data you require.

Additional comments:
When is the data required by?
What is the desired format?
How will the data be used?