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About us

Campus Central is committed to providing quality customer service to both UniSA students and staff. We are a 'one stop shop' for all student enquiries from program and course advice to student ID cards. We assist students with a range of administrative services through all stages of their study life and provide campus and finance services to our academic and professional staff colleagues. We are the public face of Student and Academic Services, the University's central unit responsible for the management and coordination of a wide range of student and academic administrative functions.


Campus Central opened its doors to students and staff at UniSA on 22 February 1999. The concept of a student service 'hub' was relatively new and UniSA was the first university in Australia to introduce this kind of student service on its campuses, bringing together services from nine faculty offices into one service centre.

Since then a number of other universities have introduced similar student service centres however Campus Central continues to 'pave the way' and our model for customer service is often used as a benchmark.

Our commitment to students

Campus Central is located on all UniSA campuses (except Mt Gambier) and is the key service provider for students. We support study life and campus experiences through the delivery of a broad range of student and academic services to a variety of customers. As professional service providers, Campus Central staff members are committed to ensuring our students receive value-added, high quality service:

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