Sport Connect


Who are we?

The Sport Connect program provides opportunities to connect with the growing field of community engagement through sport. Formerly known as the Sport and Development program, it brings together a comprehensive network of sport, community, education and government organisations, UniSA students and community volunteers to facilitate opportunities for participation and education centred on sport. UniSA has a strong track record of leadership in promoting sport in the community and in using sport to promote broader community development.

The program focuses on promoting community engagement, student engagement, research opportunities and pathways towards further education through sport participation.

What do we do?

The program focuses on community development principles, which provide opportunities for people at risk of social exclusion to participate in sport. The program encourages social cohesion and harmony, as well as fostering social connections across individuals, communities and organisations through sport. The program has a strong focus on social inclusion in areas with high proportions of refugees, newly-arrived migrants, indigenous people, and socio-economically disadvantaged families.

Through the Sport Connect program, we facilitate strong links with both Sport Development (SD) and Sport for Development (S4D) projects.

  • Sport Development (SD): activities and programs that aim to develop sport in the community (e.g. widening participation, sport inclusion, advancing skills/expertise in a given sport). These programs typically aim to increase/reinforce community interest around sport.
  • Sport for Development (S4D): activities and programs that use sport as a means to promote broader development objectives (e.g. education, health, social, personal and community development). Programs of this nature typically focus on transferable life skills, social inclusion, social cohesion, education and community capacity building.

Our partners

Department of Rural Health
Football Life
Modbury Special School
Netball South Australia
Royal Society for the Blind
UniSA College
Underdale High School
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Why you should get involved!

If you love the idea of using sport to help disadvantaged young people to engage with the community, then the Sport Connect program is for you! You will:

  • Get access to a comprehensive suite of training and accreditation opportunities, including leadership, sport coaching and child safe environment training and accreditations
  • Exposed to networking opportunities
  • Refine planning, organisational and time-management skills
  • Refine effective communication skills to coordinate staff, volunteers and program participants
  • Develop project management skills through running significant aspects of the program
  • Develop the ability to relate to/work with groups of a diverse cultural background
  • Develop industry, government, sport and third sector networks
  • Develop program evaluation skills
  • Enhance your CV!

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