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Social and Global Engagement

This pillar requires students to participate in volunteering activities with approved community organisations. Students are encouraged to seek volunteering opportunities with organisations with a global reach and to actively develop their understanding of global and cultural issues. UniSA can help you to find volunteering opportunities or you can source your own. Visit the UniSA Career Hub or the Volunteering page for more info. Students will need to complete 120 hours of volunteering across at least 2 of the following four categories: Global Engagement, Cultural Engagement, Community Engagement and Student Engagement. Students may not claim more than 60 hours from a single category.

Volunteering overseas or with globally focused organisations.

Volunteering with community based charities and not-for-profit organisations and clubs.

A volunteering activity conducted with UniSA or USASA that specifically targets student engagement and participation.

Volunteering with organisations and events with a specific focus on cross-cultural engagement, understanding and harmony.

  • Professional Engagement

Volunteering activity with a business, government department or other organisation that does not align with any other category.

If students have previously volunteered or want to volunteer for on organisation that’s not on the list they can contact volunteering@unisa.edu for approval.